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I’ve been into marketing and promotional stuff. That has been one of my part time posts months ago. Even when it comes to blogging, I still try to insert some posts regarding marketing using the internet as a tool. But, based from all the experiences I’ve got, nothing beats promotions when it’s done to a wider audience.

Over the internet, there are some services offered for free such as of Free Press Release wherein all you’ve got to do is to submit the pertinent information to them and that’s it, more people could reach your statements. That’s an important tool when it comes to marketing and I would definitely agree that this internet site is a good one!
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Fjordan Allego

Fjordan Allego aka Fjordz is an IT security practitioner in the Philippines. He maintains a couple of blogs where he shares his views on various topics that he finds interesting. A self-confessed introvert who's mostly active in social media, Fjordz also loves to travel and explore the wonders of the world.
Fjordan Allego
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