Blogger Stats – Integrated Blog Stats for Blogger Users

Blogger just got another feature for all of it’s users! From now on, Blogger users will no longer have to rely on Google Analytics or other third party tools just to track how well their blogs are doing. With the new Blogger Stats, you can instantly check your real time blogs stats without the hassle of installing codes into your blogs. 
Blogger Stats is currently not available to private Blogspot domains but is certainly a good way to track your blog stats specially to bloggers who are traffic-conscious. 
To access this new Blogger Stats, just log in to Blogger in Draft and click on the new ‘Stats’ tab. 
Fjordan Allego
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Fjordan Allego

Fjordan Allego aka Fjordz is an IT security practitioner in the Philippines. He maintains a couple of blogs where he shares his views on various topics that he finds interesting. A self-confessed introvert who's mostly active in social media, Fjordz also loves to travel and explore the wonders of the world.
Fjordan Allego
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