ABS-CBN’s NoInk toyed by Philippines CyberSec Community

NoInk, ABS-CBN Publishing’s digital platform where they gather “passionate Filipino readers, writers, and content creators” in one community, was reportedly toyed by a local hacking group called Philippines CyberSec Community. The group is seemed to be claiming that the ABS-CBN subdomain has been compromised.

We have not received any report from the group nor from the so-called Sanji & Jed who purportedly hacked NoInk but a quick check on their work show that they could just really be playing with the website.

ABS-CBN’s NoInk may look like it was defaced based on the screenshots that are now being shared online. However, the duo may have done it more of a magician – an illusion that made it appear like the site has been hacked.

We are not discounting the possibilities that the group may have really breached the site but it’s also possible that they did it less of a hacker way.

NoInk is a digital community and their platform is free for everyone. Anyone can easily sign up and upload their literary masterpieces. What the self-proclaimed hackers possibly did was to sign up, upload their group’s logo as their profile photo, entered HACKED BY SANJI & JED as their profile name and filled out their profile’s description with GREETINGS: PHILIPPINE CYBER SEECURITY COMMUNITY. To make it more legit-looking, they added two identical items under their reading lists – HACKED BY SANJI. Could a simple account creation with malicious intent make you a certified hacker?

We will have this coordinated with ABS-CBN. Should we get any feedback from the company or from the hacking group themselves, we will keep this article updated.

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  1. Di po nahack ang Abs cbn.. profile lang po yan ng Phil CyberSec..


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