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I’ve been using my current phone, Nokia N77 which is the first phone I got when I applied for Smart Gold, but since it’s been like more than a year, it seemed so obsolete and I really wanted to get a new one. I’ve been searching quality and cheap celphones over at various mobile phone shops and I haven’t found a new one.

My new free phone from Smart Gold will arrive January of 2011, that’s less than a year and I can’t wait for it to arrive to get a new one. I asked my mom if she’s interested in getting a new line so that I could convince her to give me the phone that she’ll get for free but she’s ignoring my offers. 

I browse for online mobile phone shops to check for other brands and models. I know I could get cool new ones from these mobile phone shops and perhaps I could get some feedback from other buyers and sellers themselves.

I’m still thinking of the best phone suited to my budget and to my character. By seeing the latest models and units on these mobile phone shops, I super tempted to buy for a new one.

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  1. im really really not a tech geek so i cant help you with the specs besides i dunno what features you like for your mobile fone. i can only suggest. try black berry. everything is there. its like bringing your laptop with you 😀

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