Facebook Spam: Jordanian pilot burned by ISIS alive


When Fox News decided to publish and host the video showing how ISIS militants burned the captive 27-year-old Jordanian pilot Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh to death, it instantly became viral. However, other news organizations did not follow what Fox News started as they chose to use still photos from the said video when reporting about it. YouTube promptly deleted the said video as well from their platform.

This incident prompted the Middle Eastern nation to hit back and even vows to destroy ISIS.

All because there’s a huge surge of viewers looking for the 22-minute viral video online, spammers are then using this to attract traffic to their website. Clicking on the spammed post leveraging on the disturbing ISIS video may also lead to download malicious files or redirect users to phishing sites.

As we always say here, please refrain from clicking and sharing unfamiliar and unverified links to avoid spreading any spam on your timeline, your friends’ or having your computer and devices infected with a virus.

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