Facebook video spams trick users to ‘like’ certain Facebook Pages


Almost everyone has a Facebook accfacebook spamount. With the availability of data connection in almost every device nowadays, we can now easily share news without having it verified. These shared statuses may come in a form of texts, pictures and even videos. And because we’re all curious in almost everything, spammers are leveraging on this innate curiosity and with Facebook by creating catchy, controversial hoax videos.

facebook spamAs spammers are now getting sophisticated in their techniques,  using interesting hoax videos to lure users in ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ their page is easier than creating a traditional spam mail which will just be detected by all the top antivirus software.


How does it happen? Spammers will share a catchy video in Facebook. Users will then check it out by clicking on it. It will then lead them to a fake website where they’re supposed to play the video. But, before doing so, users will be asked to ‘like’ a certain Facebook Page and ‘share’ the video on their timeline. In the end, users won’t be able to play the video. Only then they’d realize that they’ve just been spammed.

Using the social network platform as an ideal channel to propagate malicious threats is the new way of spamming online. Imagine getting hundreds of new and active Facebook users daily as your page’s subscribers by just leading them to a trending fake video. That’s flawless!


The only way spammers could get caught on this technique is when users report their malicious pages and activities with Facebook, and when the top security software companies blocked the associated links on the fake videos.

Disclosure: The author works for Trend Micro but this blog is not connected to the company in anyway nor do they have control over the articles that are published.

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