Google+ launches Pages similar to Facebook Page

When Google Plus (G+) launched this year, the social networking site is only limited to personal accounts. Business names and brands were advised not to create their G+ accounts that early as Google is working for something better for them. Those who have registered their brands were banned in G+ as claimed on several articles posted online.

Today, Google announces that establishments can now create their G+ accounts using their brand names with the social networking site’s version of Facebook page – G+ Page.

I tried creating a page for Blogger Engineer and it’s easy as 1-2-3! Like Facebook Fan Page, G+ Page allows your customers, clients and friends to follow your articles and posts by adding your brand on their G+ accounts.

If you want to create your own G+ page, check your account first if you are allowed to do so. According to some reports, not all G+ users can create a page as of this time. Click here to check your account and create your brand’s G+ page.

For those who also wants to follow us, add us on G+ by clicking here.

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Fjordan Allego

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