Got my MicroWorkers PIN and Payment via PayPal!

There are a lot of ways on how to earn money online. Some of the local based bloggers are into paid blog posts, attending bloggers events and paid social networking posts. But though there a lot of sites out there offering services where you can earn by just successfully doing their required tasks, you still have to be aware of those that are illegitimate. 
Yes. There are still scam sites who are masking as if they are legitimate online money making sites. So before signing up, be sure to review what other people say about them. Search it first online and browse on sites and blogs that mention them. Review it yourself so that you won’t regret it if you end up exerting efforts without being paid.
Here’s a legitimate online money making site where you really earn from them – Microworkers!
After reaching $10, you can request for a payout. But their system is quite different from other sites. They’ll be sending a snail mail first containing your PIN before they could pay to your PayPal account. I guess they just want to keep track with their bloggers as to know whether they are really real people. I mean, there are also some bloggers who create multiple accounts to earn multiple dollars which is quite unacceptable to some clients. 
Here’s a proof that I already got the snail mail containing my PIN from Microworkers. Also, I also posted a copy of the payment they sent to my PayPal account a few days after I entered my PIN on my account. Just a note, I requested my PIN on the first week of September and I got it just this week. So, for those who have already requested their payout, it would take a little less than three weeks for you to receive your PIN via snail mail. If, in some cases you weren’t able to receive your PIN after 20 days, you can request Microworkers to mail it again to you.

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