Having Fun at Microsoft Bloggers Night!

One of the best tech-related event that I attended was the Microsoft Blogger’s Night held at the Microsoft 6750 in Makati. Not only that I get to be oriented with how the new Office 2010 features look like but also got to meet fellow bloggers and techie people.

Well, I may not be techie enough to be part of the event but I’m a fan of new technologies being introduced. As Microsoft launched the Office 2010, I am very happy that I get to see this product first.

One of the things that were introduced was Bing. Though this search engine has been there for quite a long time, Microsoft shows new features of Bing including Bing Travel, Bing Shopping and Bing Mapping.

Aside from Office 2010, Photosynth and Mesh were also introduced to us. 

I love the features of Microsoft Office 2010. It makes our computer life more easier and comfortable. I would love to try it for myself. I was told that the Office 2010 Beta is still up for download. You should also try it!

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Here are some photos of the event:

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  1. @melody,

    thanks! Yes! I really had fun in the Blogger’s Night!


    attend ka na rin sa mga events! hehehe anyways, yeah, bumoboto pa rin ako sa Blog idol.. hopefully hindi ako isa sa mga unang matanggal hahaha


    naku! super late na pala ako nakareply sayo.. tsk tsk.. sorry hindi ako makakapunta.. wala pa kasi akong tulog.. ayun.. sorry!

  2. punta ka bukas sa MS? may post ka na about sa spa?

  3. thta’s nice.. buti ka pa nakakaattend sa mga ganyang event hehe
    By the way, Blog Idol just got started earlier today, you can cast your vote now, at Bluedreamer’s Top Five

    Thanks a lot for participating!

  4. wah sorry for my late visit, just got busy with the 2010 Presidential Election today.(haha my first time to vote!! just excited!^_^).

  5. droppin… nice pics you really did have fun
    pls visit our blog

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