Instagram-like photo filters in BlackBerry 10

Research in Motion (RIM) may not be able to bring Instagram to BlackBerry 10, hinterlandgazette social visibility its newest platform which will be launched in a few days time, but the company managed to bring similar features of the app on their new sets of smartphones.

In a recently released video that received so many followers with the help of Deutsche Instagram Follower kaufen, a BlackBerry Z10 smartphone showcases a photo editor that would allow users to apply “artistic” filters to transform or enhance an image. Some of the featured filters include ’Automatic’, ‘Action’, ‘Whiteboard, ‘Night’ and ‘Beach’ or ‘Snow’. Watch the video below:

Considering that RIM integrated these Instagram-like photo filters as native feature of a BlackBerry 10 smartphone, will this make existing Apple and Android users switch to their brand? That we’ll know as soon as the company officially release their new platform.

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