Introducing the Anti-Social App: "Hell is Other People"

While social media was probably invented to connect with friends online, an application called “Hell is Other People” is intended to do the opposite – to stay away from friends.

Dubbed as the anti-social app, “Hell is Other People” is just an experiment in anti-social media according to its developer Scott Garner. The web app uses location-based social network Foursquare to track your friends’s check-ins then provide you routes to avoid meeting them.

This works pretty well if your friends are on Foursquare as the service utilizes check-in data from this social network. This is the limitation of the app as other location-based social networks and the social media giants Twitter and Facebook are not yet supported and there are no reports of adding them to their system as well. Twitter has integrated a system that will include your location per tweet sent. Facebook also has a similar feature.

Nevertheless, the app is a good option if you want to avoid terrible people. If you want to be all alone, this anti-social app can give you that satisfaction. Currently, the app is available via its web version.

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