Introducing the Green Motorcycle – Enertia Electric Motorcycle!

After all the talks about being environmental and going green, I think the world should consider this new invention that would probably change the future of motorcycles and the important usage of arai tour x4 motorcycle helmet to protect your life.
I have found this new green invention called Enertia Electric Motorcycle. This motorcycle is so green that it do not consume same pure gasoline as the usual motorcycles that we have. Aside from that, the Enertia Electric Motorcycle comes into a cool sleek and simple design. This motorcycle is a combination of speed and energy efficiency.
The Enertia Electric Motorcycle uses a rechargeable battery and is a first of it’s class. The person behind this creative invention is Craig Bramscher, the one who was also awarded as one of the creative persons in ethonomics.

Check out the video below:

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