New GCash smishing leverages on Red Ribbon promo

GCash’s latest promo gives users a chance to win a Red Ribbon cake by just sending P1 to any GCash users. For every 7th person to do this, s/he will be eligible to win. This promotion is good until February 29, 2019.

Today, some GCash users are reporting text messages that they’re receiving coming from an unknown prepaid number. The message lures recipients to claim their P800 rewards by logging in the provided link. The recipients are made to believe that they won in the on-going Red Ribbon promo of GCash.

Similar to the previously reported GCash phishing incidents, this one also used the Wix platform.Wix was quick to deactivate the website after a couple of hours.

Some users who are aware of this smishing threat attempted to identify the name of the culprit. After sending P1 to the mobile number of the sender, they found out that the GCash account belongs to a certain “Kariza Tonza”. Based on the screenshots shared in a Facebook Group exclusive to GCash users, the smishing incident is linked to this Globe prepaid number “09050676296”.

We will have this coordinated with GCash to deactivate the SIM and to provide these details to help in their investigation.

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