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Bulacan website hacked to host BDO phishing page

A recent phishing campaign involving BDO is particularly interesting as the culprits used a government-hosted website to spread the malicious email. The website of the province of Bulacan was first compromised to host the landing page of this phishing incident. Facebook user Crystel VT first … [Read More...]

SAPPHIRE NOW 2019: Celebrating Innovations with SAP

Held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida last May 7 to 9, SAPPHIRE NOW 2019, SAP's premiere customer event, gathered more than 22,000 attendees - from their customers to stakeholders and senior leaders, from SAP experts to partners. SAP announced in the event not only the … [Read More...]

Filipinos’ increasing sense of security

Life can really be tough but we can always counter it by being prepared. We may not be able to predict what lies ahead but if we start preparing today for all possible outcomes, we can make it to life. The Philippines' economy is booming. This has been validated by various respected … [Read More...]

OLFU, STI Caloocan websites compromised

H4D3Z, a newcomer hacker that we only identified earlier this month, moved his target from a government website to educational institutions. His latest victims - Our Lady of Fatima University and STI Caloocan. The website of STI Caloocan, particularly the OJT- assiSTI page of their domain, has … [Read More...]

Making Sure You Have The Right Equipment For Emissions Monitoring Is Essential

When monitoring for emissions is a part of your daily routine, having the right equipment on hand is vital. This not only means having equipment designed to test for specific types of emissions but also having instruments with desirable features. While some features may seem like luxuries, others … [Read More...]

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PBA now has an Android App

The Philippines is said to be a basketball country no wonder why on every streets, basketball courts have been easily setup. The Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) is the country's premiere men's professional basketball league. Though NBA has a huge market in the Philippines as well, Filipinos

Rare Earths To Affect Engineers

Lynas is a company used to dealing in gold, but years ago switched direction and decided to direct its energy toward rare earth minerals. Currently, China enjoys a monopoly on rare earth refining. If this mine and refinery are allowed to be built, it could open up engineering opportunities for other

RIM might offer Paypal-like money service via BBM

While most may agree that BlackBerry is already dead, in some parts of the world, the company is still enjoying a huge market. With the possibility to expand the company's service, Research in Motion's (RIM) CEO is optimistic about offering an e-commerce service integrated with the current

Trend Micro offers 1GB of free storage via Backup and Restore Android App

Trend Micro is expanding its market by offering more than just antivirus software. Now, it is protecting your digital data across different platforms by offering appropriate services.As Android smartphones and tablets are getting popular nowadays, Trend Micro is making sure that our data stored in

Globe introduces GCash American Express Virtual Card

Ever wanted to purchase something online but unable to do so because you don't have a credit card? Or the online shopping store requires a valid US address? Well, at this point in time, wherever you are in the Philippines so long as you have a GCash account, you can now easily buy your favorite

Twitter launches Profiles Directory

Social network giant Twitter silently launched a new feature called Profiles Directory that will list all public profiles for a more reliable and easier search capability in Google, Bing or Yahoo.According to news reports, this attempt is to make Twitter more SEO-friendly as this step will make the

Sun Cellular offers Sundroid Rush: the Alcatel tab, smartphone bundle

Sun Cellular, the country's third largest mobile telco operator, recently announced their latest deal to new postpaid applicants - the Sundroid Rush.Under the Sun Plan 600, postpaid users will enjoy the traditional unlimited Sun calls and texts feature plus 250 consumable load and 350 free texts to