Pinoy LulzSec defaces Phil-Nippon Technical College’s website

Local blackhat hacking group, Pinoy LulzSec, strikes again by defacing another educational institution. Their latest victim, the Laguna-based Phil-Nippon Technical College (PNTC).

The site was hacked by one of the members of the group named X-m3n. X-m3n was also responsible behind the defacement of Cagayan State University Piat Campus (CSU Piat) along with two LGU websites last month.

PNTC’s website has been defaced since Monday evening, May 28th and based on our validation, it’s not just their homepage but the entire directories were defaced.

According to our source, the hackers did not touch on the database as they only want these security incidents to be a wakeup call to all website owners and administrators.

PNTC is known to be a training center for Filipinos who aspire to work in Japan.

Similar to the other hacking incidents that we have featured in this blog, we will communicate this to PNTC and to the National Privacy Commission for their reference and review. We will keep you posted should we receive an update on this news.

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