Pinoy LulzSec hacks multiple PH websites for April Lulz 2018

Local hacking group Pinoy LulzSec hacked multiple Philippine-based websites as part of their annual April Lulz tradition. Apart from website defacement, the group claimed that they will be posting “social media account leaks”. Among those that the group compromised this year are government-managed sites such and

Pinoy LulzSec seemed not pleased with how government security personnel are protecting our websites. In a statement published in one of the defaced websites, the hackers said “Don’t have time to fix your web security? Government Website Hacking is really more fun in the Philippines. As a matter of fact, even a 12 years old kid can do this.”

On their Twitter account @PinoyLulzSec__, the group released all the websites that they were able to hack along with the databases that the group breached. One example that the group released is that of DepEd Calamba where their personnel and user information where leaked. Upon further verification, the leaked database is seemed to be valid.

Note that to avoid further spreading the leaked database, we purposely hid the exact link where it is stored. The content of the leaked database as indicated in the provided screenshot below only confirms that the group may have indeed accessed the agency’s database.

The group’s Twitter account remains updated with their latest activities. Most of the defaced websites are still up as of this writing. We have since coordinated with the authorities for the involved data breaches.


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