Say Hello to SM Caloocan!

Caloocan City (Monumento area) is getting better, I guess, for years of passing on this area every time I go home to Bulacan. Though compared to other Metro Manila cities, Caloocan City is far behind Makati, Pasig and Quezon City. The city is now being remodeled, in my opinion, for there are establishments being build here and there.

When Araneta Square became fully operational, Globe and Smart opened their business offices in this mall. Victory Mall along with Puregold Caloocan opened recently in this city offering various mall experience to Caloocan shoppers.

Now, I was surprised with this newest project. After reading a Plurk from TheSinjin, SM is putting up another mall in Caloocan replacing the old Ever Mall. Here’s some of the pictures taken from Point Design and TheSinjin:

I just wished that Caloocan will have an organized city structure.
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    Good luck sa traffic!!!!! Lalo na pag Caloocan Day! Bonggang Bonggang Good luck! hehehehe

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