Sharetronix provides secure social network platform for enterprise users

We all know how big social media is today. Almost everyone is hooked up with any of the top social networking sites across every regions in the world. However, it’s availability to everyone exposes privacy issues which could bring legal battles to any corporate and enterprise entities who may want to adapt similar communication tool as part of their system.

Enterprise social network is still possible if you’ll utilize a secure platform such as that of Sharetronix.

Similar to the big names that we all know in social media, Sharetronix provides a secure way to allow your coworkers and employees, clients and even partners to collaborate ideas and continuously communicate using the power of social network.

The platform is also open source so you can easily download it or play with some of its codes to specifically fit on your current business setup.

With Sharetronix, you can capture the insights of your workforse easily as everything is on one social network platform that you have direct control.

Top companies such as Telus, Deloitte, GruppoCoin and SDS are just a few names utilizing Sharetronix.

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