Sky Cable Fake Survey Page

Most of the malicious pages created that are associated with ads are not focused on local brands. Apple and Facebook are usually top favorites but recently, cybercriminals are using a local cable brand to lure users to participate in their survey.

Sky Cable, one of the top cable companies in the Philippines, is now the subject of a click-ad campaign persuading victims to answer a survey supposedly conducted for the brand. Not only that this technique can put your private information in jeopardy, the site can also lead you to other malicious pages. It can even direct you to a webpage where a malicious program can be downloaded or dropped to your computer.

The use of this click-ad technique is not new but is also proven easy and effective compared to the usual spam mails. Cybercriminals now won’t have to worry about getting filtered out by anti-spam solutions. Web filtering solution can also be bypassed if the domains used are newly created (unless there’s a policy in place to block all uncategorized domains by default).

Still, the first defense against this threat is an active and updated antivirus program though it would be highly recommended for users to avoid visiting highly suspicious websites such as download and porn sites as these malicious click-ads are commonly associated to these domains.


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