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I know some of the people out there knew about this but I would just like to refresh all the Smart subscribers about the benefits of staying with Smart.

I remember one instance when I replied in a blog post regarding Globe’s 4438 Rewards program. I mentioned there that Globe’s newest program is just an imitation of Smart’s long time rewards program. There are comments in there stating that Smart was not able to popularized the service because there are Smart subscribers who are not aware of it. And so, I am doing this post for all those Smart users who’d want to know more about Smart Rewards.

Smart Rewards is the rewards program of Smart. This is open to all subscribers in the Smart brand – Smart Buddy, Smart Gold and SmartBro.

To register to the program, all SMART GOLD and SMART BUDDY subscribers, text in REWARDS and send to 9800. 

For SmartBro users, log in to Smart Connect and register.

As you stay with Smart, you’ll earn rewards points that you can claim as discounts, free load and even rebate! To redeem your points, visit Smart Rewards for easy-to-follow steps.
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