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Sotto, Enrile to craft a bill protecting bloggers

Celebrity-turned-senator Vicente “Tito” Sotto III did not utter any apologies nor mention about his speech and its plagiarism issue with that of the American-based blogger Sarah Pope and other articles online. Instead, Sotto, together with the Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, ‘proposed crafting a bill that will define and regulate blogging in the Philippines.’

Per Rappler’s report, Sotto regarded the recent allegations against him as cyber-bullying. The senator was even quoted saying that he’s the “kauna-unahang senador ng Pilipinas na naging biktima ng cyber-bullying.” (I am probably the first Philippine senator to be a victim of cyber-bullying.)

Defending Sotto, Enrile admitted that he’s not Internet literate but suggested to make way for a bill that will set parameters on blogging.

This looks like a good move for Senate Majority Floor Leader Tito Sotto. However, this does not make any clear reconcillation with the blogger whom he reportedly plagiarized some parts of his speech against the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill.

The attempt to create a bill for bloggers may even be complicated knowing that the two senators obviously do not know how to value this growing sector in the society.

Personally, I believe, Sotto can just simply apologize for the plagiarized speech. That will go a long way. But with the way he managed this issue, I don’t think he’s going to bow his head to the blogger whom he initially belittle.

Photo Credit: Remate.

This post was first published at KabayanTech.com.

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Happy 6th Blog Day!

Blogs have become one of the primary shapers of today’s internet generation. We no longer just rely to the traditional media for information because blogs do also provide us fresh contents to read.

As we celebrate the 6th Blog Day today, August 31, 2011, let us acknowledge those blogs that made an impact to us personally or even to our community.

BloggerEngineer.com is joining Nuffnang in recognizing the top six blogs who are changing the blogosphere through their ideas and concepts mirrored on their posts.

First on my list is the tech blog Unbox.ph. The blog is my primary source of news in the technology world. Backed by one of my idols in the Pinoy blogosphere Mr. Carlo S. Ople as the EIC, Unbox.ph ‘features awesome products for the modern-day Filipino’ ranging from gadgets, wheels, to movies and other stuff for men.

Next in line is my friend’s Unrequited No More blog. I can still remember how surprised she was when her blog got significant number of followers in a short period of time. She’s just merely sharing her experience of being ‘head over hees in love with her best friend (now boyfriend)’ and all of a sudden, people are starting to contact her for some love advice. Way to go, Kat!

Another personal blog is my third pick. This time, my Christian brother Kim’s Dreamland. He’s pretty much sharing things that interest him. I can actually relate to some of his posts but I don’t leave any comments. Let’s just say, I’m done with sharing personal stuff online.

Entertainment blogger Pinoy Gossip Boy falls under my fourth list. The blogger behind the PGB blog, Mr. Aaron Lozada, was recently crowned the Online Editor of the entertainment section of PhilStar.com. If you want showbiz scoops, his blog is the go-to place.

One of my favorite radio DJs Gino Quillamor’s An Introverted Mind in Extrovert’s Body is my fifth pick. This is his personal blog and I can say I can almost always relate on each of his posts. It’s as if I was the one who wrote them.

And the last post goes to the blog of my radio DJ idol Chico Garcia – Strange Fruit. I’m a ‘rusher,’ a term coined to all the fans and followers of Monster Radio RX 93.1‘s morning show The Morning Rush. I don’t know where he got his brain but his intelligence, creativity and extreme sense of humor are just way too much to handle. Good thing they all fit to his human brain.

That’s it! I’ve finally completed my list. Can I just add that this thing is making me feel sick on a long weekend? I mean, I’ve been squeezing my brain to remember the best blogs out there that need to be recognized. I know, some of my picks are not new in the blogosphere but they’re not that ‘mainstream’ as other popular blogs. I believe, they should be recognized too!

Happy Blog Day everyone!

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My Quest on Money Making Online

Most bloggers out there started their blogs as an outlet of their everyday stories. And as they passionately share their moments in life, they eventually became interactive with their readers who either blog similar things or just their usual readers. This is the beginning of a socially active online presence of a blogger.

Now, it is also true that as a blogger, as you go along with your online life, you also wanted to get something out of sharing posts and ideas. You want to earn from what you’re doing online. And this is something that you have to work hard to make it a reality.

Earning money online may not be that stressful as the usual corporate work. But it does require focus and passion. This is why I am doing my best to grow as a blogger. I want to learn more on website ideas that really work. And this requires exposure and practice.

As of the moment, I am into reasearching on various aspects of the online world. I believe, as I expose myself more on the blogosphere, I’ll get the experience I need to earn something through blogging and websites.

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Why you should not ignore SEO

At first, I am not really into SEO. Blogging is something that I love doing everyday so learning its technical side becomes interesting eventually. Being exposed to the html codes and even getting some idea on how I can improve my online presence instantly give me that passion to know more about it. 

Here’s a small presentation to bloggers and other web site owners to check.

Why You Should Not Ignore SEO
Infographic by- 广州网站建设 Guangzhou Web Design Company

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Marketing and Promotions via Free Press Releases

I’ve been into marketing and promotional stuff. That has been one of my part time posts months ago. Even when it comes to blogging, I still try to insert some posts regarding marketing using the internet as a tool. But, based from all the experiences I’ve got, nothing beats promotions when it’s done to a wider audience. Also, for local seo marketing training see Local Client Takeover, who provide the best services for SEO.
Over the internet, there are some services offered for free such as of Free Press Release wherein all you’ve got to do is to submit the pertinent information to them and that’s it, more people could reach your statements. That’s an important tool when it comes to marketing services and I would definitely agree that this internet site is a good one! Learn about TikTok for your business.

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Comelec ventures in blogging

Here’s another proof of what blogging can do and how powerful it can be.
From now on, we can have constant updates with the latest news in the Philippine 2010 elections. Filipinos now have an instant access to all the things happening regarding the elections.
Comelec recently tapped the Elections Education and Information Department to blog all the news pertaining to the elections including the now on-going registration process.
We can now also follow the Comelec’s social networking sites in Multiply and Plurk
This is what they call Bagong Botante
Read the whole news here.
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