Introducing 3G International SIM Card

I'm still thinking if I'm going to renew my Smart Gold line when the contract ends on January 2011. I know how competitive our local telecommunication companies are that I'm very much tempted to switch networks from time to time. … [Read more...]

Browsing for New Cool Mobile Phones

 I've been using my current phone, Nokia N77 which is the first phone I got when I applied for Smart Gold, but since it's been like more than a year, it seemed so obsolete and I really wanted to get a new one. I've been searching … [Read more...]

Globe Telecoms’s Per Pulse Charging

After the government exercised it's power to study how the local telecommunications companies handle it's business spearheaded by the senator who was in himself a victim of the 'missing load,' Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile, the National … [Read more...]

Enjoy Unlimited Smart Uzzap with PhP10/day!

The leading network's most innovative application software that let's you stay connected with your chatmates even away from your PCs - Smart Uzzap - will no longer be free starting today December 1, 2009.The trial period that gave … [Read more...]

The Battle for Unlimited Mobile Services

It was Sun Cellular who pioneered the unlimited mobile services in the country offering the convenience of unlimited call and text features for their subscribers. Commercially, they are branded as 'Hari ng Unlimited.' Technically … [Read more...]

BDO Rewards’s New Text Hotline

Now, you can enjoy the convenience of checking your rewards points at the tip of your fingers! BDO Rewards brings you latest text hotline where you can report loss of a card, PIN change, card activation, points transfer, balance … [Read more...]

Looking for Touch Phones?

Nowadays, mobile phone is a necessity. Without it, you're definitely out of the generation. Of course, people rely on the instant access to various services that mobile phones cater to its subscribers. In the Philippines, … [Read more...]


Get the most out of your mobile phone usage! I just set up my voicemail feature for my Smart Gold. The service is actually free unless you’ll play your voice messages over and over. I know, this feature is somewhat obsolete … [Read more...]