Trend Micro offers 30% off Titanium for BDO credit card holders

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Trend Micro is offering 30% off Titanium security software for all BDO credit card holders from January 29 to February 28, 2014. All three Titanium variants are on sale this love month. … [Read more...]

Visa to introduce "payWave" credit cards in the Philippines for ‘tap-and-go’ payments

Visa will finally launch its "payWave" technology to credit card holders in the Philippines for a more hassle-free transaction. These 'tap-and-go' credit cards will allow users to simply tap their card on an electronic terminal … [Read more...]

Google may introduce a physical Google Wallet Card soon?

Looks like Google is working on advancing its mobile payment system called Google Wallet.After its launch in September 2011, the system was not widely accepted due to limitations of near field communications (NFC) that the mobile … [Read more...]

Shop Installment without a Credit Card

Online resellers are now getting more and more popular to the Filipinos but purchasing something in installment, you need to at least have your credit card for payment. This limits cash buyers and non-credit card holders in buying … [Read more...]

BPI Express Start: The Easiest Way to Apply for a Credit Card

It's been more than a year now since I applied for a credit card from BPI via the Express Start program.BPI Credit Card Express Start is the easiest way to apply for a credit card at the same time to save money. The program … [Read more...]

ACH Payments

'Cash not credits.'I remember posting this line on my social network accounts. Obviously, I have more credit on my card as compared to cold cash. In all honesty, I prefer transactions using my card but in reality, cash is still … [Read more...]

Fingerprint Bankless Transaction System

Most of the time, I'm always engage to day dreaming. Since I'm a person that wants everything efficient, I always think of immediate revolutionary solutions that would replace the current system that I'm dissatisfied with.I'm one … [Read more...]