Barangay, SK Elections Today: Go Out and Vote!

Today marks the Barangay and Sangguniang Kabataan (SK) elections in the Philippines. I, for one, voted early today to avoid any hassle. So far, election precincts open smoothly and early voters were able to vote peacefully. I … [Read more...]

GMA-7’s ‘Hologram Technology’ vs ABS-CBN’s ‘Virtual Presence Technology’

The Philippine's first automated election can be generally claimed victorious. Though there are technical issues concerning the PCOS machines on some areas, given that this is our first try, we could still consider the results as … [Read more...]

Philippine’s First Automated Elections

So far, despite all the controversies and problems brought about by the first automated elections in the country, I would say that in our area, Heritage Homes, Loma de Gato, Marilao, Bulacan, the election is successful and … [Read more...]

Programming Problems with our Automated Elections

I am very excited with the upcoming automated elections. Though this is not my first time to vote, I am happy that I'll be exercising, for the second time, my right to vote. But as the news reported tonight, looks like the country … [Read more...]

Vote as Early as Now via 7-Elections!

In the spirit of the upcoming 2010 Philippine Elections, 7-Eleven, the leading convenient store in the country, is spreading the good news about exercising your right to vote.7-Eleven presents its latest electoral campaign - the … [Read more...]


ABS-CBN, the country’s largest multimedia conglomerate, is launching on Monday, May 11, its year-long campaign to encourage Filipinos to begin taking an active role in the upcoming 2010 Presidential Elections. “Boto Mo, iPatrol … [Read more...]

Comelec ventures in blogging

Here's another proof of what blogging can do and how powerful it can be.From now on, we can have constant updates with the latest news in the Philippine 2010 elections. Filipinos now have an instant access to all the things … [Read more...]