Multiply honors local brands in Origination Awards

Multiply, the social-network-turned-e-commerce-site, honors all local brands being sold in its online store through Origination Awards. It is "the first and only search in the Philippines that honors original ideas, is on the … [Read more...]

Multiply to remove social networking features, focus on e-Commerce

Multiply, one of the country's top social networking sites several years ago, announced earlier this month that it's dumping the site's social networking features to make way for a more e-Commerce-friendly Multiply. See how a … [Read more...]

Comelec ventures in blogging

Here's another proof of what blogging can do and how powerful it can be.From now on, we can have constant updates with the latest news in the Philippine 2010 elections. Filipinos now have an instant access to all the things … [Read more...]