ACH Payments

'Cash not credits.'I remember posting this line on my social network accounts. Obviously, I have more credit on my card as compared to cold cash. In all honesty, I prefer transactions using my card but in reality, cash is still … [Read more...]

Got my MicroWorkers PIN and Payment via PayPal!

There are a lot of ways on how to earn money online. Some of the local based bloggers are into paid blog posts, attending bloggers events and paid social networking posts. But though there a lot of sites out there offering … [Read more...]

Globe GCash now utilizes PayPal!

One of the leading mobile service provider in the country, Globe Telecom, launched recently it's newest partner in remittance via the use of PayPal. Globe's GCash service is the first Filipino brand to utilize the service of … [Read more...]

PayPal transfers fund by Bumping iPhones

Now, you can transfer your PayPal fund to your friends or relatives through iPhone!PayPal's iPhone app has released it's 2.0 version where you can transfer fund from your account to another PayPal account by just bumping your … [Read more...]