PhilGEPS launches e-payment facility for government procurement

Looks like the Aquino administration found a new way to fight corruption in government agencies. On Friday, January 18, the Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System (PhilGEPS) launched its e-payment facility that will … [Read more...]

Twitter in Filipino is coming soon!

In January of this year, Forbes magazine cited Twitter reaching nearly 200 million registered accounts worldwide. This could also be the reason that the need to expand the social network site to several languages is now … [Read more...]

Filipinos Rave Against Department of Tourism’s Pilipinas Kay Ganda

Pilipinas Kay Ganda is our Department of Tourism's (DOT) newest campaign slogan to boost tourism. This replaced the more popular Wow Philippines of the previous administration. Unfortunately, this step didn't work out as early as … [Read more...]

Shop at!

Shopping has never been this so exciting in the Philippines. A third world country having the most number of malls in the cities and growing online shoppers, I don’t really see the country being in a third world status. Filipinos … [Read more...]

Comelec ventures in blogging

Here's another proof of what blogging can do and how powerful it can be.From now on, we can have constant updates with the latest news in the Philippine 2010 elections. Filipinos now have an instant access to all the things … [Read more...]