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Smart Manic Mondays: Free 25MB of Mobile Internet!

Smart Communications brings another promo to all of its subscribers be it in prepaid or in postpaid through Manic Mondays. And since more and more Filipinos are being hooked with social networking sites, activating and giving free credits of mobile internet to users is a fun way to enjoy every Monday! Surely, it’s a good way to start the week!

You’ll never really hate Mondays anymore with Smart’s Manic Mondays promo! Upon registration, you’ll get 25MB of free mobile internet! That’s enough volume of data to send a thousand more tweets, FB posts, and emails! You can now start your week by updating your statuses in Twitter, Facebook and other social networks and by replying to all of your online messages all for FREE!

Installation is not included, so you will get the router logins list to configure the red they way you want. Configuring your router to make your network complete. You need to configure the router so that it can communicate with your network components. Fortunately, the configuration steps are rather straightforward.

To register, text FREE 25MB to 2200 every Monday to get this freebie.

Click here to read more.


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SMART offers unlimited BlackBerry Messenger for as low as P15 a day via BBM ME!

SMART now offers a unique retail package for all BlackBerry users on their network via the newest package BBM ME. For as low as PhP15 a day, SMART subscribers can now avail of unlimited BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). They also have weekly and monthly denominations of BBM ME that are priced at PhP70 and PhP150 respectively.

To register, key in BBM DAY, BBM WEEK or BBM MONTH and send to 2207 for both postpaid and prepaid subscribers.

Also included in the BBM ME packages are the ff:

  • Daily – 2 minutes voice and 50 SMS
  • Weekly – 15 minutes voice and 100 SMS
  • Monthly – 40 minutes voice and 300 SMS

Free Voice and SMS is valid for SMART to SMART transactions only.

To use free voice minutes, dial *2207+mobile number. ex. *220709181234567. Subscribers who don’t follow the said dialing procedure shall be billed applicable call rates.

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SMART All-In now in Postpaid!

After releasing Unli Postpaid, SMART now brings another exciting offer to all SMART Gold subscribers – SMART All In!

To answer the need to customize their postpaid plans, SMART follows Globe’s first initiatives in their postpaid brand. SMART now allows Gold subscribers to register on various mobile promos or packages without worrying that these will be billed on top of the plan.

SMART All In allows you to register to UnliTalk, UnliText, IDD Bundle Saver, Unli Mail, Internet Bundle, Internet Bundle Upgrade, UnliSurf and Unli BlackBerry Full using your own plan.

Say for example, you are in Plan 500 and you want to avail UnliText for PhP350 for 30 days. With SMART All-In, you can consume your plan by registering to UnliText. The PhP350 fee will be charged to your Plan 500. This will not be billed on top of your plan which means, you’ll get a remaining PhP150 available balance on your plan once you registered to UnliText service.

The downside of availing SMART All-In is that you won’t get the free SMS and calls that you usually get from your regular plan. According to the SMART rep who introduced this promo to me in SMART Store EDSA Shangri-La Plaza, SMART All In is a fully consumable plan that let’s you consume your credits whether in regular mobile services (SMS, calls, mobile internet) or register to on-going Gold-applicable packages (UnliTalk, UnliText, Unli Mail, UnliSurf etc).

Here are the current SMART All In Service Packages available for SMART Gold:

  • UNLITALK – Unlimited Voice to SMART to SMART calls for PhP 500/30 days – Text TALK to 7577
  • UNLITEXT – Unlimited SMS to SMART, TNT and RED for PhP350/30 days – Text TEXT to 7577
  • IDD BUNDLE SAVER – Call at local rate plus FREE 5 mins IDD for PhP200/30 days – Text IDD to 7577
  • UNLI MAIL – Unlimited mobile push email for PhP200/30 days – Text MAIL to 7577
  • INTERNET BUNDLE – 8 hours of mobile internet browsing for PhP100/30 days – Text IB1 to 7577
  • INTERNET BUNDLE UPGRADE – 20 hours of mobile internet browsing for PhP200/30days – Text IB2 to 7577
  • UNLISURF – Unlimited mobile browsing for PhP1000/30 days – Text SURF to 7577
  • UNLI BLACKBERRY FULL – Unlimited email, browsing, social networks and instant messaging for PhP1200/30 days – Text BB FULL to 7577

Visit any SMART Wireless Center or SMART Store nearest you to inquire about this new service.

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Smart’s ALWAYS ON Data Packages

I read it first from Cebu Tech Blogger. I’ve been looking for a cheaper way to maximize my iPhone using my Smart Gold plan. I tried their Smart Unli Surf packages but for a month of subscription, it will cost me PhP1,200 on top of my existing plan. There’s also another option, upgrading my plan to the Smart Gold Unli Data Plan which is PhP1,500 per month inclusive of the free SMS and calls. Looking at the amounts, you can easily conclude that maximizing the features of your smartphone will always cost you more.

I called Smart’s customer service early today to avail of the one month subscription to ALWAYS ON, Smart’s newest data package. I’m hoping that the service is way better than my experience with Globe’s SuperSurf50 (which also has a data limit – 800mb).

Anyway, for those who are also interested in trying this newest data offering, just follow this syntax:

Text ON(space)AMOUNT and send to 2200. Ex. ON 300 to 2200.

Here’s the matrix of all other denominations of ALWAYS ON:

To give everyone an idea of how much a 250MB (for those availing the PhP300 per month subscription) data cap can give you, here’s Smart’s breakdown:

1,500,000 tweets
15,000 Facebook posts,
15,000 emails

That’s quite fair rather than availing the Smart Unli Data package of PhP1,200 per month.

ALWAYS ON is available to SMART Postpaid (Smart Gold, Gold Lite and Infinity), Prepaid (Smart Buddy) and Broadband (SmartBro).

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Smart introduces Unli Postpaid!

First, Smart introduces the Smartalk Unli Call and Text with PhP100 (for 4 days) and PhP25 (for 1 day) denominations to their prepaid subscribers – Smart Buddy. Now, they’re bringing the service to their postpaid users – the Smart Unli Postpaid.

Smart Unli Postpaid, as the name suggests, offers unlimited call and/or text service to Smart, Talk N Text, Infinity and Red Mobile users. It has two denominations: Plan 299 which is for unlimited text and Plan 599 for unlimited call and text.

The Smart Unli Postpaid plans also comes with a new phone. Plan 299 is bundled with Samsung E1080 while Plan 599 is with Nokia C101. Both plans are locked-in a 24-month period just like a regular Smart Gold plan.

I was at the Smart Wireless Center SM MegaMall when I saw posters of this newest service from Smart. I was told that it was just released today so they only have a few fliers. I wasn’t able to get one so I took a photo of it for this blog.

I’m a Smart Gold subscriber and I’ve always wanted to enjoy mobile freedom but the current service is just too limited. You’re locked in to 24-months and any Gold-applicable promos are always billed on top of your plan. So hearing this kind of promo interests me. I’m hoping that they could offer more in the coming months knowing that their direct competitor, Globe, is offering mobile plans that you can customized every month.

By the way, I called their customer service hotline to ask more information about this plan and was told that Smart Unli Postpaid is just a promotional service that will run from July 7 to October 7, 2011 only. But I’m pretty sure they’ll extend this and will make this a regular offering if they can get more subscriptions just like what happened to Smart Gold Lite.

What do you think of this offer? Is it worth applying for? And if you’re in Globe or Sun postpaid, are you switching for this?

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Introducing 3G International SIM Card

I’m still thinking if I’m going to renew my Smart Gold line when the contract ends on January 2011. I know how competitive our local telecommunication companies are that I’m very much tempted to switch networks from time to time. But with regard to postpaid plan, of course I wanted to choose only the best.

Anyway, I’m happy to know that our mobile phone service providers are launching various promos to address their customers’ requests and needs. We have dozens of SMS and call promo packages and even data plan subscriptions. For roaming, Smart, Globe and even Sun Cellular have solid connections with other network providers abroad.

I haven’t been to any international trip so I can’t comment on their services when it comes to roaming aside from the ones they’re advertising. But as per research, I hope our local SIMs are like this 3G international SIM card.

Provided by MobilityPass, the SIM is very much complex that it can handle numerous mobile services for those who are traveling from different countries. Plus, they have cheaper rates for these services.

I’m thinking of getting one for my dad who’s working as a seaman. He’ll definitely appreciate this. What do you think?

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Smart’s Blackberry Lite Social, Email Bundles

I was so tempted to switch networks recently from Smart Gold to Globe Postpaid. I just love Globe’s Super Plan that’s why I’m asking my friends to give me some advice about this. Most of my friends who are in postpaid are subscribed to Globe. So, as you can see, their answers are all biased.
Actually, I still love Smart’s services though I still keep my Globe and Sun prepaid SIMs with me in case I’ll need them. Though it’s also true that most of my friends and officemates are with Globe, I can still proudly say that Smart is still the leading mobile service provider in our country. 
A few months ago, I was so disappointed with my Smart Gold Blackberry Plan. After a month of being subscribed to this plan, I asked their Wireless Center representatives to downgrade my plan from Blackberry to a regular Gold account due to some problems of the network with their tie up with Blackberry. Until I was informed about a tweet from a fellow Smart Gold subscriber. She told me that Smart has this newest promo exclusive to all Blackberry users be it Smart Buddy or Gold. I immediately searched it on Smart’s website and found out that this is really cheaper as compared to their previous BB packages.
For those who are not yet aware, Smart is offering two new cheaper BB packages for both it’s prepaid and postpaid subscribers. 
First is the Blackberry Lite Social Bundle. This package is being offered in two options – daily and monthly. Basically, with this bundle, all Smart Buddy and Gold subscribers will get unlimited use of Blackberry social network sites (MySpace, Twitter and Facebook) and instant messaging (BBM, Yahoo! Messenger, etc) all for just Php35 per day (keyword: Social Day, send to 2207) or Php650 per month (keyword: Social Month, send to 2207). 
The other Smart BB promo is the Blackberry Lite Email Bundle. With this, subscribers will get unlimited use of email and instant messaging for just Php35 per day (keyword: Email Day, send to 2207) or Php650 per month (keyword: Email Month, send to 2207).
I decided to take the BB Lite Social Bundle good for one day. At first, it’t not working via SMS registration. So I went to Smart Wireless Center TriNoma to ask for assistance. The rep asked me to pay first the Php 35 registration fee on their teller and after that, everything’s working fine. I can access my Twitter and Facebook account wherever I go!
This promo is really cheaper as compared to their previous Unlimited Blackberry Data Plan which will cost you Php 1200 on top of your plan and you need to upgrade your account to a Blackberry Plan. Also, you need to pay for an additional relay fee on top of your plan. Good thing, Smart was able to offer this promo!
Just a reminder when registering to this promo, always check your BB phone setting to fully access this promo service. Check your APN setting. It should be set to blackberry.net. Also, under Mobile Network Options, your Data Services should be set to ON mode.
For more information about this promo, visit Smart.
So for now, yes, I’m staying with Smart! 🙂

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Smart T.G.I.FREE-Day Once Again this Friday!

Smart is bringing back the very successful free mobile surfing for all of its networks – Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, Smart Infinity and Talk N Text!
Reviving this Friday, August 6, 2010, is Smart T.G.I.FREE-Day! So ready all your mobile phones and switch to Smart to enjoy the one-day free unlimited surfing with absolutely no registration and keywords to memorize!
Check out the Smart’s T.G.I.FREE-Day’s FAQ’s over HERE.

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Issue with my Smart Blackberry Plan

I am not planning to blog this but I don’t know where to submit my letter to Smart. I was trying to use the After Sales request form via Smart Connect website but whenever I click on submit, it always says there’s an error. I’m guessing it’s because of the length of my letter. I also tried looking for an e-mail support from Smart but found nothing. So, I decided to post this letter on this blog and submit the URL via Smart Connect and Twitter. Here’s my concern:

This is to file a complaint to those representatives who assisted me on upgrading my account to Plan 1200.

Before I upgraded my account to Plan 1200, I was asking the representatives from Smart WC Makati about the internet charges (around P200+) on my April 2010 bill. They told me that it was from the internet charges. I told them that I did not use my BB Curve 8520 when browsing aside from doing it via wifi connection. They told me that the phone automatically directs to Smart internet connection when wifi signal fluctuates. I was not aware of this and so I told them that I’ll be paying for the bill but they need to turn off all the internet services that are available on my handset. They did and set it all in wifi. They also suggested me to upgrade my account to Plan 1200 so as to enroll it to a BB Plan. I did what they suggested so that I won’t get any hassle whenever I wanted to use all the BB features on my phone such as BB Messenger and applications like Twitter for BB and Facebook.

I went to Smart WC Caloocan to submit the required documents needed for the upgrade. They processed it smoothly and the day after, when I was able to visit Smart WC Trinoma, they told me that my request for an upgrade was already approved. I asked the rep there to inform me for any other things that I need to know regarding the BB Plan. The lady just hand me a copy of Smart BB Helpdesk phone numbers and a website where I can enroll all my exiting emails. FYI: I was told that my BB Plan automatically enrolls me to the Push Email service which is P300+ on top of my plan. I agreed with it considering that the service is an unlimited email service.

I was able to talk to a manager named Stephanie Tumacay from Smart Cust Serv hotline and she assisted me with all my requests including my request to file a complaint to those from the WC who assisted me with my plan upgrade. She never gave a service ref number though I ask for one. She told me she’ll be taking note of all my concerns and just gave me her name for future needs.

I felt like I was robbed considering that I only get to upgrade my account just last week. I hope you could understand my sentiments. I’ve been with Smart for a quite a long time and I don’t want to switch networks just because of misunderstandings. I want these issues be cleared. Ever since I got my Blackberry, I have been going to Smart WC to ask them about the services and all the charges. I have done my part as a consumer to be aware of Smart’s services with BB. You can even check my records for you to know that I’ve been such a loyal subscriber wanting to enjoy the network’s services that’s why I always drop by at any WC whenever I have a question or inquiry. It would be so unfair if these representatives would not do their job to help their customers.

I will not pay the required amount to lift my account. I will be waiting for a phone call from Smart to clear these issues first and do the necessary corrections on my account. This is NOT my fault. I DID my best to contact Smart about the things I needed to know about my BB but look at what happened to my bill, I was charged for like almost P4000! Considering all the efforts that I’ve done to reach for Smart people from the Wireless Centers to the hotline number, I never failed asking you people about your services. It’s just that you didn’t take my issues important.

I hope you could do something about my issue. I will wait for your phone call for any updates. Thank you and God bless!

I’ll update this blog with how Smart handled this issue. I just hope that they’ll be fair with this concern.

UPDATE: 06/03/2010

I got a call from Smart Tech Supp and the lady verified my phone settings. I told her all the current settings on my Blackberry and she told me that everything is properly set in wifi. I asked her if now that she was able to confirm that my settings are properly set, what will be the next thing that I/we should do in order to dispute the bill. She told me that we still need to wait until my Smart Gold bill for this month will be generated. When that comes, that will be on June 24, that’s the only time that we can open the issue for dispute. I told her to call me back by then. She also sent me via email instructions on how to reboot my unit to delete other applications that can be the source of internet charges running on my bill.

UPDATE: 06/09/2010

A representative from Smart named Choi Co Chua called to update me with my concern on my plan. According to her, the investigation regarding my disputes were already done and that all the charges appeared on my account are all valid. I told her that, of course, these charges will appear on my account considering that I’m using a data phone. She first verified my phone settings. Like that of the previous representative, she ask me about my default browser connection. I told her that it is set to ‘wifi.’ Aside from that, she checked my TCP/IP connection. Since my phone came from abroad, the setting was initially set to T-Mobile. She ask me to delete it and uncheck the TCP/IP setting. This setting should only be checked if the handset will be used as a modem. The connection of TCP/IP should be set to ‘internet’ not to T-Mobile.

Also, the rep was able to clear some confusions I have from the plan upgrade. I was told that the relay was for push email but Ms. Chua told me that it is not just about the push email, it is regarding my connection to Blackberry services. This relay fee is actually a fee collected for Blackberry which is separate from the bill that Smart is charging to it’s users.

I decided to turn OFF all the connections that I have and will be opening it once I only wanted to be connected to a wifi hotspot. But the charges on my bill will never be adjusted by Smart, according to Ms. Chua.

Now I understand the charges. Unfortunately, it will all be billed still under my account since she was saying that the charges are all valid – meaning, the service/s was/were successfully used. I agreed that I’ll be paying for the required amount for the account to be waived from redirection.

I would like to commend this representative – Ms. Choi Co Chua – for a job well done in explaining the charges and the settings on my phone call. She’s one of the few people from Smart who are really knowledgeable. Still, I would want to file a complaint with all those reps who assisted me from the Wireless Centers (Ayala, Caloocan and TriNoma), they should all be trained again. For subscribers who are using data phones such as Blackberry, they should be responsible in giving pertinent information to these subscribers. I couldn’t say that I did not do my part on this. As I’ve said, I always make it a point to drop by to any WC for any questions I may have in mind but these Smart front liners are all (I’ll just use this phrase) ‘less knowledgeable.’ I hope that Smart could do something to train their agents like what they did to Ms. Chua.


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Upgraded my Smart Gold to Blackberry Plan!

I’m loving my ‘Bebs,’ my Blackberry  Curve 8520 now that I upgraded my Smart Gold plan to a Blackberry Plan. As I mentioned the last time I posted about ‘Bebs,’ I would not really avail of the Blackberry Data Plans since I do not really need it and it would just add up to the burdens of my monthly bills. But for the past Smart Gold bill, my average usage increased due to the charges incurred in my Blackberry phone. So whether I like it or not, I had to pay for the mobile data that runs on the phone.

Yes I can turn off the internet connection of the phone but it is still advisable to increase my plan from Smart Gold Plan 800 to Plan 1200 under Blackberry Plan. I can fully enjoy the services on my Blackberry without the hassle of thinking that I’m limited to a certain credit limit of my mobile provider.

For all Smart subscribers who are availing of this plan, this site is helpful in integrating your existing emails to your Blackberry units. Visit www.smart.blackberry.com to register a new email under Smart-Blackberry or sign up your old emails. Smart’s Blackberry Technical Support Hotline are as follows: 893-1510, 893-3631 or 09285020491.


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