SMART to offer iPhone 4S soon!

SMART is set to offer iPhone 4S by the end of this year, according to reports released yesterday, November 9.Breaking the exclusivity deal that Globe Telecom has been embracing for the past years with Apple, SMART and PLDT's … [Read more...]

Smart’s ALWAYS ON Data Packages

I read it first from Cebu Tech Blogger. I've been looking for a cheaper way to maximize my iPhone using my Smart Gold plan. I tried their Smart Unli Surf packages but for a month of subscription, it will cost me PhP1,200 on top of … [Read more...]

SmartBro SurfTV: Not Just Another Watchpad or iWanTV!

 I have said this before as a comment to CITE-Technologian's blog post about the new SurfTV - I don't really like it!Unlike PLDT Watchpad and Bayan's iWanTV that let you use your computer with an access to high speed internet to … [Read more...]

Watch Pacquiao-Cotto Fight thru Smart!

Everyone is waiting for the much awaited fight between the Philippines' Pambansang Kamao Manny Pacquiao and Miguel Cotto this coming November 14. Filipinos all over the Philippines are now preparing on how to get the live … [Read more...]

Goodbye SmartBro, Hello Sun BW!

I just recently switch from SmartBro to Sun Broadband Wireless after my contract from the first ended.It's been a year already that I've been using the SmartBro Plan 999 and I could say that in my area where it was installed … [Read more...]

Get Rid of Yahoo! Messenger Error 81003005

It has been a long time since I’ve signed in with Yahoo! Messenger. Whenever I try signing in, an error  81003005 always appear which says that the messenger encountered a connection problem. All the while, I thought it was just a … [Read more...]