The Battle for Unlimited Mobile Services

It was Sun Cellular who pioneered the unlimited mobile services in the country offering the convenience of unlimited call and text features for their subscribers. Commercially, they are branded as ‘Hari ng Unlimited.’ Technically speaking, due to a limited number of users, Sun’s call and text services is reliable in a sense that their lines can hold the volume of calls and texts. Unfortunately, Sun’s coverage is also limited.

Unlimited texts have long been implemented to the other two leading networks – Smart and Globe. It was just this year that they tried venturing into unlimited calls.

Around June of this year, Smart introduced Smartalk where its subscribers can enjoy unlimited call for 5 days (PhP100) or 30 days (PhP500). This service is available to Smart Buddy (prepaid) and Smart Gold (postpaid) but according to some Smart Buddy users, its hard to register to the service and if you’re registered, its hard to connect. This is probably due to heavy volume of users attempting to enjoy the service. But, base from my personal experience, Smart Gold subscribers don’t suffer the same fate with Smart Buddy.

Just this month, Globe offered their version of unlimited call. Like Smart, its available to prepaid (Globe Tattoo) and postpaid. Like Smart, Globe has numerous subscribers who will surely try the service. And for sure, like Smar, prepaid subscribers will experience the same service as Smart Buddy users.

The battle for unlimited mobile services is getting very competitive. Even the unlimited web browing of specific sites (i.e Friendster, Twitter, Facebook and Plurk) are now available on Globe and Smart. With this, I just hope that they could improve their infrastructures to handle volumes of users availing the services and/or promos.
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