McAfee to be named Intel Security

McAfee, one of the popular antivirus software, will soon be known as Intel Security. Announced at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 today by Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, the move to rebrand McAfee will most likely be completed … [Read more...]

Learn more about iOS 7 features with Power Mac Center’s free training

On the heels of the release of Apple’s new operating system iOS7, Apple Authorized Training Center Power Mac Center lines up a free iOS 7 End-User Training in its select stores this October. The training is aimed at allowing iOS … [Read more...]

Upgraded to iOS7? Here’s some new features

It's been a week since the new iOS7 has been released to public globally, last 18 September. It was introduced last July at the WWDC. Everyone had been talking about it ever since. Though it's only available on BETA version and … [Read more...]

Importance of Food Processing Software

Photo Credit: TGIFood processing software is important when it meets expanding and evolving compliance and regulatory requirements of food and beverage industry processors, manufacturers and distributors. All aspects of inventory … [Read more...]

Save lectures using DVD duplicators at Summation Technology

As we approach the beginning of the fall academic terms, schools and other government entities are preparing online courses and class adjuncts for their offerings for the new term. Lab procedures can be filmed and recorded on DVD … [Read more...]

Getting an Ecommerce Website Builder

There are many laws of usability that web designers focus on to create a useful site for visitors. When you use an ecommerce website builder, your web design will allow you to get rid of question marks so that users can make … [Read more...]

Switch your current antivirus to Trend Micro for free

Now is the time for you to experience the best Internet security in the market. Trend Micro offers complete digital protection across almost all devices (Windows/Mac computer, Android tablet/smartphone). So, if you still have … [Read more...]

Trend Micro taps students for "Big Data Innovation Programming Contest"

Trend Micro opens its doors to fresh and innovative concepts from college doctorate-levels nationwide as it launched the 2013 Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest for the first time in the Philippines. Now on its … [Read more...]

Ubuntu OS is coming to smartphones come October

The open-source operating system (OS) Ubuntu will soon make its way to smartphones as Canonical founder and CEO Mark Shuttleworth announced that they'll release the first set of Ubuntu OS smartphones in October in the US.For app … [Read more...]

Protect your Mac with Trend Micro’s MacClean Tool

Who says malware attacks are only focused on Windows-based computers? Mac users are now being targetted with threats and the most recent one is the malware known as Crisis or Morcut.Leading security company, Trend Micro, recently … [Read more...]