Get the most out of your mobile phone usage! I just set up my voicemail feature for my Smart Gold. The service is actually free unless you’ll play your voice messages over and over.

I know, this feature is somewhat obsolete especially to Western people. A lot of callers are also complaining for the complexity of the service (since most of the voice messages are not personalized especially the ones at the office). I know the feeling of being answered by these robots since the nature of my job is in outbound so I get to hear a lot of unpersonalized voice messages.

But here’s the point, I guess for my part, it’s actually very useful and very applicable to mobile users. When you’re out of network coverage, empty bat, busy or on the other line, your callers will always have a chance to keep in touch with you. You’ll know who are these people who tried to call you when you’re not available.

As of the moment, Globe Telecom, according to their representative, is no longer offering this feature to their subscribers. On the other hand, Smart subscribers can enjoy this free service. Just call Smart for more information.

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