Sotto, Enrile to craft a bill protecting bloggers

Celebrity-turned-senator Vicente "Tito" Sotto III did not utter any apologies nor mention about his speech and its plagiarism issue with that of the American-based blogger Sarah Pope and other articles online. Instead, Sotto, … [Read more...]

Happy 6th Blog Day!

Blogs have become one of the primary shapers of today's internet generation. We no longer just rely to the traditional media for information because blogs do also provide us fresh contents to read.As we celebrate the 6th Blog Day … [Read more...]

Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011

Finally, I'm writing my entry to the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011 Writing Project. This is my third year in joining the project that honors those new blogs that have impacted its readers.Any blogger in the world can … [Read more...]

Bloggers to secure DTI permit to run an online contest

Today, Pinoy blogosphere's hottest topic on almost every social media they have is about this DTI permit application in order for bloggers to run a contest on their respective blogs.Contests running online is not new. Bloggers, in … [Read more...]

Blogger Stats – Integrated Blog Stats for Blogger Users

Blogger just got another feature for all of it's users! From now on, Blogger users will no longer have to rely on Google Analytics or other third party tools just to track how well their blogs are doing. With the new Blogger … [Read more...]

Increase Your Blog Traffic via Web Directories

I was very thankful that this new year, three of my blogs get an increase on it's Google PageRank. My blog, which is my main blog is now on PR 2 while my entertainment blog ATBP! [Around The Buzz Primetime!] is now on … [Read more...]