Trend Micro taps students for "Big Data Innovation Programming Contest"

Trend Micro opens its doors to fresh and innovative concepts from college doctorate-levels nationwide as it launched the 2013 Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest for the first time in the Philippines. Now on its … [Read more...]

Bloggers to secure DTI permit to run an online contest

Today, Pinoy blogosphere's hottest topic on almost every social media they have is about this DTI permit application in order for bloggers to run a contest on their respective blogs.Contests running online is not new. Bloggers, in … [Read more...]

Ginga launches the "Ginga Spice Up your Recipe" Facebook Contest

Ginga, the leading brand for Ginger-based teas and beverages has launched its latest event, the “Ginga Spice Up your Recipe contest.” The goal of this event is to find creative ways of incorporating Ginga’s powdered instant Ginger … [Read more...]

Spread Real Love: Blog Contest to Help Kids with Cancer

I know some people who are greatly affected by cancer. But one of the most unforgettable stories I heard was with my Ninang Dada. I couldn't believed how this cancer could easily take the life of someone who's so kind and nice to … [Read more...]

Wanna be the ‘Fully Booked Book Geek of the Month’?

Here's another cool contest in the planet!Join in to the Fully Booked Geek of the Month contest! All Fully Booked Bloggers Book Club members are exclusively invited!The winner of this newest contest gets to take home PhP5,000 … [Read more...]