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Trend Micro taps students for "Big Data Innovation Programming Contest"

Trend Micro opens its doors to fresh and innovative concepts from college doctorate-levels nationwide as it launched the 2013 Trend Micro Big Data Innovation Programming Contest for the first time in the Philippines.

Now on its fourth year, this Trend Micro international programming contest has been tapping young minds to formulate solutions to a specific problem. Trend Micro Taiwan has been sponsoring the event for the past three years and this is the first time that the contest will be having delegates from the Philippines to compete teams from Taiwan, China and Japan.

This year’s theme is Big Data. Students will have to create solutions and applications to a problem statement that Trend Micro will be sending via email to all registered teams. A minimum of two and a maximum of four students per team is required. Solutions will be evaluated based on volume, variety, velocity and veracity.

Trend Micro will be providing a Cloud Coach who is Senior Technical R&D Engineer by profession. They will be in charge of giving the necessary technical advise to the students.

For the Second Elimination Round, first and second team will receive USD 600 plus a three-day trip to Taipei while the third to tenth team will receive USD 300.

On its Final Round, first placer will receive USD 8000 + 5-day trip to China or Japan, second one will get USD 6000 + 5-day trip to China or Japan, third will have USD 5000 and the fourth to eight team will receive USD 2000.

Invite your classmates and schoolmates and form your group now. Deadline for registration is on May 12, 2013. To know more about the contest, click here. For finance and student loan options visit https://www.sofi.com/student-loan-calculator/.

NOTE: To make sure that that your registration pushed through, I will be verifying your names as well. Email your names to fjordan_allego@trendmicro.com.

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Bloggers to secure DTI permit to run an online contest

Today, Pinoy blogosphere’s hottest topic on almost every social media they have is about this DTI permit application in order for bloggers to run a contest on their respective blogs.

Contests running online is not new. Bloggers, in particular, do this in order to reward their readers who’ve been supportive with their niches. PR agencies and companies who backed most of these contests also get their own share of promotions by shouldering the contest’s prizes and giveaways. Most of the time, there are no purchase required to be qualified. Joining the contest merely requires the contestants to promote the blog and/or the sponsors by tweeting, re-tweeting or following on Twitter, liking or leaving a comment in a Facebook fan page, sharing or re-posting an article on their blogs, etc.

I’ve been following Ms. Janette Toral of the DigitalFilipino Club regarding her tweet updates on her meeting with Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). At first, I thought DTI only covers contests that require purchases to secure a permit from them for it to be a legitimate one. But just today, Social Media Contest and Promotions Philippines posted the application process to secure a DTI Sales Promotion Permit for bloggers who are running contests on their blogs even if there is no purchase required. According to the article, this is ‘to protect the consumer joining these online promotions’ and that the ‘selection of winners are done fairly and make sure they won’t be cheated.’

I, myself, is against it. It’s true that the concept behind this process will protect the consumers and present a fair game to all contestants. But the process in securing a permit is ridiculous. As what Carlo Ople posted on NewMedia.com.ph, ‘bloggers don’t have time and resources to be able to comply’ with ‘tons of documents and fees (honorarium) just to hold contests and promos.’

Most of the bloggers don’t earn much from their blogs. Prizes on these contests are shouldered by sponsors, as I’ve said. Cash is the least thing a blog contest can give out. Most of the time, a free domain registration, books, GC’s, phones and any other gadgets, a shirt and the likes are the ones being raffled off. Again, these are courtesy of the companies who sponsored blog contest.

I do hope that this policy will be amended. As I’ve read it on Social Media Contest and Promotions Philippines, there’ll be at least three more sessions with DTI that DigitalFilipino Club and IMMAP will be attending. I hope they could make a better and convenient way to secure a permit exclusive for online promotions.

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Ginga launches the "Ginga Spice Up your Recipe" Facebook Contest

Ginga, the leading brand for Ginger-based teas and beverages has launched its latest event, the “Ginga Spice Up your Recipe contest.” The goal of this event is to find creative ways of incorporating Ginga’s powdered instant Ginger brews in dishes and drinks. Aside from that, the company’s aim is to increase the awareness of the benefits of ginger to promoting a healthier body. The Philippines has recognized the benefits of ginger which is the reason why they have their own name for the ginger tea, “Salabat.” Now is the time to bring back the Salabat and make this generation know that it’s not just for our grandparents and/or singers. It’s really a fun drink you can enjoy.

Since Ginga brews are made of natural powdered ginger and brown sugar, you can use it as a replacement for ginger to flavor your favorite recipes. No need to peel and slice, all you have to do is tear a packet and pour! You may visit www.gingafood.com/category/recipes for recipe ideas.

Contest winners of the “Ginga Spice Up your Recipe Contest” will receive cash prizes, products and much more. The winning recipes will be featured in the September 1, 2011 Ginga event at the World Trade Center.

Ginga is inviting everyone to join the Ginga Spice Up your Recipe contest. To join, all you have to do is come up with a new recipe or rework your favorite recipes and incorporate Ginga Ginger Brews and Teas with it. Upload a photo of your recipe on our Facebook page and gather “LIKES” The contest is open to food and drinks category and will run up to August 28.

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Spread Real Love: Blog Contest to Help Kids with Cancer

I know some people who are greatly affected by cancer. But one of the most unforgettable stories I heard was with my Ninang Dada. I couldn’t believed how this cancer could easily take the life of someone who’s so kind and nice to everyone. She’s so awesome in so many ways. Among all my godparents, she’s the closest to me.
In 2006, she was diagnosed with colon cancer and just September of last year, Ninang left us to join our Mighty Creator. But her memories will always be here with us – her smiles and soft spoken voice. 
I know how it feels like being so down and hopeless but no one could ever say how she felt when she was in pain and struggling for her life. I know hot it feels like being helpless but her optimism and faith gave strength and hope to each one of us during her struggling days. Sometimes, when you’re out there, you just wanted to cry to release everything because that’s all you can do aside from praying to save her life.
And because of my Ninang’s story, I am inspired to support this cause. 
I am supporting Kythe‘s Child Life Program which aims to uplift and give hope to kids with cancer. 

Real Love: The Campaign

In cooperation with Unilever Foodsolutions, Kythe is spearheading this Real Love Campaign outreach programs which enables kids with cancers to interact and create fun and healthy sandwiches care of Lady’s Choice and Best Foods mayonnaise. 
Also, in partnership with Team Manila, the store released a specially designed, limited edition shirt available in Team Manila outlets in Rockwell, SM Mall of Asia, TriNoma and on their online site. For only PhP 550, part of the proceeds of the shirt will go directly to Kythe. Check the links here: (men, women).
Real Love Campaign is also in Facebook. With every 1,000 ‘Likes’ until it reaches 10,000, Unilever will give 1,000 sandwiches to Kythe’s partner hospitals. 
In line with this campaign, I am hosting this mini-contest for a cause. Thanks to Ms. Janette Toral for making this contest possible. This is just simple as our goal is to spread Real Love. At stake is a Real Love limited edition shirt!

Just follow this simple steps to enter:

2. Complete this sentence and post it as a comment on this blog: “I will share my love to the kids of Kythe by ________.”  
Best answer will receive one Team Manila Real Love shirt! Winners need to be within the Philippines only. Contest will end on October 10, 2010 at exactly 10 PM. Winner will be announced the following day. For those in abroad who still wants to participate the cause, you may want to purchase the Team Manila Real Love shirt online. 
This is just a simple contest to somehow help the campaign. I hope everyone could participate. Share this post and spread Real Love. God bless everyone!

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Wanna be the ‘Fully Booked Book Geek of the Month’?

Here’s another cool contest in the planet!

Join in to the Fully Booked Geek of the Month contest! All Fully Booked Bloggers Book Club members are exclusively invited!

The winner of this newest contest gets to take home PhP5,000 worth of gift certificates from Fully Booked!

Wanna know how to join:

Stay tuned to Fully Booked’s website on January 22, 2009 (Thursday) at 4 PM for the questions to be posted. The first 25 members who submitted the complete entries with correct answers will be the qualified contestants for the competition to be held on January 31, 2009 (Saturday) at Fully Booked Bonifacio High Street Forum.

All qualified contestants will get notifications thru email. The winner will compete in the finals for the title “Fully Booked Ultimate Book Geek” on November of this year.

So hurry! Mark down your calendars to visit www.fullybookedonline.com on January 22!

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