Introducing the Anti-Social App: "Hell is Other People"

While social media was probably invented to connect with friends online, an application called "Hell is Other People" is intended to do the opposite - to stay away from friends.Dubbed as the anti-social app, "Hell is Other People" … [Read more...]

Foursquare Day 2013 in the Philippines is set in SM Megamall

Foursquare, our favorite location-based social networking application, will be celebrating the Foursquare Day across different locations around the world on April 16. In the Philippines, the celebration will be held 5PM at the … [Read more...]

Smart launches Foursquare SMS!

Finally, Smart Communications is bringing Foursquare applications to the Philippines via SMS. We all know that Foursquare can only be accessed via smartphone applications and web. And though smartphones and wap-enabled phones are … [Read more...]

Foursquare deprives mobile check ins to mayorship title

I've been very much addicted to Foursquare but ever since I started using it, I never really had the chance to check in using a regular browser. Either I use the Foursquare app on my Blackberry or check in using its mobile … [Read more...]

Problem with BlackBerry Applications

BlackBerry is really expensive to use. Why?As I've said, I have decided not to register with Smart BlackBerry Unlimited Data Plans to somehow cut my Smart Gold phone bills. I decided to stick with the regular mobile plans and wifi … [Read more...]