Nokia will soon be known as Microsoft Mobile

In a recently leaked memo to its suppliers, Nokia announced that "the name of Nokia Corporation/Nokia Oyj will change to Microsoft Mobile Oy. Microsoft Mobile Oy is the legal entity name that should be used for VAT IDs and for the … [Read more...]

“Windroid”: Nokia’s first Android smartphone

Nokia finally unveiled its first Android smartphone series called "Windroid" at the 2014 Mobile World Congress. Nokia, one of the world's leading mobile phone manufacturer, had been associated with Microsoft's Windows phone … [Read more...]

Discover the new Nokia Lumia phones at Abenson

If you're eyeing for a new generation of smartphones, better consider the new Nokia Lumia devices in the market. Nokia Lumia 620, which you can use to take perfect shots with its Smart Shoot; Nokia Lumia 820, known to be the most … [Read more...]

Nokia intros cloud-based location service "Here"

Nokia's business will not only focus on basic phones, smartphones, cellular infrastructure and patents as the company is also looking forward in including location services as part of its business model.This week, Nokia CEO … [Read more...]

Nokia to discontinue Ovi Share on May 30, 2012

During the glorious days of Nokia in the Philippines including those times when they released their smartphones, the company offered Ovi Share, their own online service that enables Nokia users to upload and share files such as … [Read more...]

Nokia partners with Globe as Lumia 800’s exclusive carrier

Globe Telecom recently announced that the network got an exclusive deal with Nokia.With the release of Nokia Lumia 800, Nokia’s latest smartphone device that runs on the Windows platform, featuring Internet Explorer 9, free maps … [Read more...]

Nokia announces first Windows Phone – Lumia 800

The first ever Windows Phone from Nokia is coming soon as the company announced recently the Lumia 800's specifications and features.At first glance, Lumia 800 is like a combination of N9 and Windows Phone 7.5 (also known as … [Read more...]

Update your Facebook Location Status using Ovi Maps!

Now, you can update your Facebook status with your location using Ovi Maps!Ovi Map is a service for Nokia mobile phones. The service is available for free download on their website. Using Ovi Map is also for free forever! Download … [Read more...]