Facebook Spam: Jordanian pilot burned by ISIS alive

When Fox News decided to publish and host the video showing how ISIS militants burned the captive 27-year-old Jordanian pilot Lt. Moath al-Kasasbeh to death, it instantly became viral. However, other news organizations did not … [Read more...]

Old Facebook spams continue to spread in 2015

It's already 2015 and yet some Facebook users are still not aware that there's absolutely no way that an app can share an information about the list of those who checked or viewed your profile and changing your Facebook … [Read more...]

Spammers leverage on Facebook trending news to distribute adware

Trending news such as that of Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777, local comedian Vic Sotto’s hoax death and recently, the video scandal involving local news anchor Paolo Bediones are making rounds in the social media landscape … [Read more...]

Globe files complaint against Caritas Shield text spammers

Globe subscribers, particularly those in postpaid, are being bombarded with text spams on a daily basis. Users have been constantly complaining about taking legal actions against spammers who leverage on unregistered prepaid SIMs … [Read more...]

Heartbleed bug spreads in spam mails

Following the most talked about security concern recently, the discovery of Heartbleed Bug, everyone is being told to be wary of their accounts online. Since Heartbeat Extension, the OpenSSL extension first introduced in late … [Read more...]

Facebook video spams trick users to ‘like’ certain Facebook Pages

Almost everyone has a Facebook account. With the availability of data connection in almost every device nowadays, we can now easily share news without having it verified. These shared statuses may come in a form of texts, pictures … [Read more...]