m.Globe offers free Facebook, Twitter, email access to Globe users

With SMART's recent release of it's very own smartphone - SMART Netphone, Globe counterattaked this marketing strategy by releasing a portal that will allow users to access Facebook, Twitter and even emails for free without the … [Read more...]

Christopher Lao is Victim of Cyber Bullying

Aired on GMA Network's primetime newscast 24 Oras on August 2, Tuesday, Christopher Lao, who drove his car to a flooded street in Quezon City, instantly became a subject for insult online.The video ripped from GMA News became … [Read more...]

Twitter in Filipino is coming soon!

In January of this year, Forbes magazine cited Twitter reaching nearly 200 million registered accounts worldwide. This could also be the reason that the need to expand the social network site to several languages is now … [Read more...]

Yfrog showing wrong photos on Twitter

Yfrog is one of the most popular photo-sharing sites available for Twitter users. Like its counterpart, Twitpic, the service offers uploading your photos or videos real time using your smartphones or computer. But recently, the … [Read more...]

Google launches speak-to-tweet service in Egypt

Great news! If you are one of those who are glued to the crisis in Egypt, well then, this one is a real good news hoping that we can still get connected to the people who are in the offline world.In response to Egypt's attempt to … [Read more...]

Facebook’s New Messaging System

I'm not a Facebook addict as compared to Twitter but after watching how this social network originated on The Social Network movie, I'm just so excited as to how this brainy and young creator Mark Zuckerberg would bring in more … [Read more...]

My Thoughts About the PHL’s Guidelines for the Use of Twitter, Facebook

Do we really have to limit ourselves in terms of social networking sites? Yes, but not to the extent of controlling what we want to post on these sites for our personal accounts.After the incident of Mislang, speech writer of … [Read more...]

Smart’s Blackberry Lite Social, Email Bundles

I was so tempted to switch networks recently from Smart Gold to Globe Postpaid. I just love Globe's Super Plan that's why I'm asking my friends to give me some advice about this. Most of my friends who are in postpaid are … [Read more...]

#SentiSabado in Twitter Trending Topic

Pinoys made it again to Twitter's Trending Topic through the hashtag #sentisabado. Started by Pinoy blogger @tonyocruz, today's theme for #sentisabado is about reminiscing the past memories from grade school and high school days. … [Read more...]

Tips to Avoid Online Accounts being Hacked

I just noticed that recently it's been very much alarming that a lot of our online accounts are getting hacked. From social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to web and blog sites, they are all being hacked.I, for … [Read more...]