Reliance India Call in India’s Mobile Communications

As India slowly becomes one of the Asian countries with increasing technological breakthroughs and advancements, Indians are also very much concerned on giving out ways on how to improve their current systems and technologies. As … [Read more...]

Fingerprint Bankless Transaction System

Most of the time, I'm always engage to day dreaming. Since I'm a person that wants everything efficient, I always think of immediate revolutionary solutions that would replace the current system that I'm dissatisfied with.I'm one … [Read more...]

PayPal transfers fund by Bumping iPhones

Now, you can transfer your PayPal fund to your friends or relatives through iPhone!PayPal's iPhone app has released it's 2.0 version where you can transfer fund from your account to another PayPal account by just bumping your … [Read more...]

Introducing the Green Motorcycle – Enertia Electric Motorcycle!

After all the talks about being environmental and going green, I think the world should consider this new invention that would probably change the future of motorcycles.I have found this new green invention called Enertia Electric … [Read more...]

India’s Consumer Forum Launched

To make way for products and services reviews and testings, India now has launched it's consumer forum where all consumers can express their feelings about certain products and services. The forum will be a great site for those … [Read more...]

Update your Facebook Location Status using Ovi Maps!

Now, you can update your Facebook status with your location using Ovi Maps!Ovi Map is a service for Nokia mobile phones. The service is available for free download on their website. Using Ovi Map is also for free forever! Download … [Read more...]

The Hassle of MRT’s Stored Value Tickets and mCash Cards

I don't really know what's the problem with the MRT system but recently, I have experienced the hassle of unavailability of those MRT Stored Value Tickets. Going to school and to the office, in order to escape from the heavy … [Read more...]

wi-tribe is Philippines’s First 4G Broadband Service Provider

 I was on my way to school via MRT when I saw a huge billboard with a huge 4G on it. I was able to get the word 'wi-tribe' and take note of it so that I could search for it online.While browsing on it's web page, wi-tribe is the … [Read more...]

Smart introduces Unlimited Brand via Red Mobile

  Smart recently advertised it's unlimited brand, the newly relaunched Red Mobile.I know it's kind of weird that the 3G-enabled brand turned into an unlimited mobile service provider. It only shows that the 3G introduction of … [Read more...]

SmartBro SurfTV: Not Just Another Watchpad or iWanTV!

 I have said this before as a comment to CITE-Technologian's blog post about the new SurfTV - I don't really like it!Unlike PLDT Watchpad and Bayan's iWanTV that let you use your computer with an access to high speed internet to … [Read more...]