I just noticed that recently it’s been very much alarming that a lot of our online accounts are getting hacked. From social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook to web and blog sites, they are all being hacked.
I, for instance, experienced how it is being hacked. Just last month, my Twitter account was hacked. Good thing, I was able to recover my password by requesting a new one to my email. But aside from me, bloggers like Palipasan and gnadeguzman have Facebook accounts that were hacked too. Celebrity Alessandra De Rossi’s first Twitter account was also hacked that’s why she opened a new one. In a blog post, raredog mentioned about his blog being hacked by Hack Boy. 
What the hell is happening to cyberspace? But to avoid this hassle, I listed some notes on how to avoid these hacking:

1. Always log out in your online accounts when done doing your stuff specially when you’re using a public computer like those in the internet cafes and multimedia libraries.
2. Use complicated passwords but are easy to remember on your end. Don’t use the common passwords such as your birthdays, nicknames and the likes that are easily to be duplicated by hackers.
3. Stay private. Don’t share your passwords to others even to your friends.
4. For bloggers and website owners, prepare a backup.

What about you? Have you experienced how it is being hacked? Share your thoughts! 


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By Fjordan Allego

Fjordan Allego aka Fjordz is an IT security practitioner in the Philippines. He maintains a couple of blogs where he shares his views on various topics that he finds interesting. A self-confessed introvert who's mostly active in social media, Fjordz also loves to travel and explore the wonders of the world.

2 thoughts on “Tips to Avoid Online Accounts being Hacked”
  1. there’s something about being hacked

    1. somehow, you are too popular, so you get hacked
    2. or you are too annoying, so you get hacked

    i have a friend whose website was hacked, i think it turned out good, cause it went like a publicity stunt, after the issue was fixed, his visitors increased.

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