Instagram rolls out video functionality

Instagram, probably the world's popular photo-sharing app, is now adding a video functionality similar to Twitter's Vine. If you're not yet familiar with Vine, a mobile video-sharing app, that's okay as it's newest competitor is … [Read more...]

Facebook to allow users to comment with a photo

Social network giant, Facebook, will now allow users to post a photo as a form of comment says The Verge on its recent post.After rolling out the hashtag feature, Facebook is set to deploy the additional comment feature today … [Read more...]

Introducing the Anti-Social App: "Hell is Other People"

While social media was probably invented to connect with friends online, an application called "Hell is Other People" is intended to do the opposite - to stay away from friends.Dubbed as the anti-social app, "Hell is Other People" … [Read more...]

Facebook to add emoticons for status updates

The social network giant Facebook is currently testing a new feature that will make our profiles more human. Emoticons were rolled out to selected profiles to test this new service.Facebook's emoticons will be listed next to the … [Read more...]

Formspring to shutdown on March 31st

Social network Formspring will shutdown operations come March 31st, according to an official blog post on Friday, March 15th.Formspring, the pioneer in Q&A social network format, can no longer "sustain resources" to keep the … [Read more...]

Sharetronix provides secure social network platform for enterprise users

We all know how big social media is today. Almost everyone is hooked up with any of the top social networking sites across every regions in the world. However, it's availability to everyone exposes privacy issues which could bring … [Read more...]

Twitter launches Vine to share video on tweets

Twitter introduced today, January 24, a new way to share and embed a video on users's tweets. Through the startup Vine, videos can now be uploaded as tweets using the independent application. Users can now share and capture … [Read more...]

Twitter to open office in Brazil

After Facebook, social network giant Twitter is also planning to establish its own office in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Reports said that the company will be tapping the ever growing online population of the South American country to have … [Read more...]

Newly redesigned MySpace opens to the public

Who says MySpace is already obsolete?Similar to Friendster and Multiply's fate, MySpace is still in the game but have chosen to cater to a specific online niche - music. And now, the then king of social network has just redesigned … [Read more...]

Friendster transforms into a social dating site

New generation of online users may still be able to remember how Friendster became such a huge hit a couple of years ago. But after Facebook and Twitter came in to life, the then-popular social networking site resorted to changing … [Read more...]