New generation of online users may still be able to remember how Friendster became such a huge hit a couple of years ago. But after Facebook and Twitter came in to life, the then-popular social networking site resorted to changing its platform. Friendster turned to a gaming social site catering to online gamers audience. Recently, Friendster added a new feature which makes the site a social dating site as well.

Friendster Finder is a new and enhanced feature of the site where users can search for compatible friends who may turn out to be a their future partners. Friendster also has My Crushes, My Admirers and My Matches features which users can use to arrange your friends according to your preferred list.

There’s also a premium feature called Friendster Finder VIP Pack for users who are eager to find their perfect match. Upon upgrading to this valued-added service (VAS) which you can obtain by gathering Friendster Coins, your Friendster profile will be placed on top of the search results. There’s also a Wall of Fame VAS that will feature your profile on the Friendster Finder VIPs banner. Another cool feature of a Friendster VAS is that you’ll have an access to reveal the profile of your admirer for you to easily know their identity.

With these new features, will you try Friendster again?

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One thought on “Friendster transforms into a social dating site”
  1. Wow, looks interesting.. But I think I won’t have time anymore to visit the site. I cannot even visit my tumblr account anymore. hehe. 😀

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