Practicing Social Networking Etiquette

I’m a heavy user of social networking sites. I share almost everything online. But after watching Lourd de Veyra’s video on regarding Social Networking Etiquette, I suddenly realized that I need to re-assess my online life.

I remember when I first appeared on a TV show way back in September 2009 for Popkorn, a show in Channel V Philippines. I was invited to share my side on using social networking sites. It was kind of a debate and I was on pro to social networking sites.

There’s also one conversation I had with one of my officemates. He’s against the GPS on smartphones because of some privacy issues. I remember answering him back that we’re not celebrities or prominent people to be afraid of sharing things online. No need to bother about that since no one will follow or stalk us like paparazzis.

I guess, my opinions have changed after watching this video. I will try to control the things I’m sharing online and practice proper social networking etiquette for the good of the social networking community and also for myself.

How about you? Are you practicing social networking etiquette?

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