I’m not a Facebook addict as compared to Twitter but after watching how this social network originated on The Social Network movie, I’m just so excited as to how this brainy and young creator Mark Zuckerberg would bring in more cool new features to this site. Knowing that he belongs to the cyber generation, he will always have a say to what our generation needs in order to improve Facebook. I believe, he will have our needs addressed to make Facebook a part of our daily lives.
I heard that Facebook is coming up with @Facebook.com accounts for those who are interested. But this is not the traditional email account that we used to know. This is Facebook’s new messaging system. I’m guessing that this will change the way we communicate online where we mostly rely on emails and chats. This @Facebook thing follows the same chat interface or format where we can just type in our messages and press enter to send it. Sounds cool, right?
I wonder if Zuckerberg will integrate all our email and chat accounts into one using this @Facebook? That would surely make it more appealing so we don’t have to ask all our friends for their @Facebook accounts. On a second thought, we may not do the invites since most of our friends are on Facebook.
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