7-Eleven Philippines issued an official statement today regarding the fake online promos associated with a survey allegedly commissioned by the company.

7-Eleven advised the public that their official promos are only announced through their official social media accounts and website. The leading convenience store further added that their branches will not honor any redemption of coupons generated from the hoax promotions.

Blogger Engineer was able to get hold of the website that runs the fake 7-Eleven survey. This is quite similar to the bogus online surveys that we have featured back in 2017 for Sky Cable and YouTube.

Checking the DNS records of the domain used to host the fake 7-Eleven survey shows that it was just registered on January 27, 2019, and is valid for two years. Records from VirusTotal shows that the domain is only currently being blocked by Sophos AV.

The bogus 7-Eleven survey promised to pay takers with P2000 worth of 7-Eleven coupon. The survey would ask you three simple questions about your shopping habits but in order for you to get the prize, you would have to share your digital coupon to your Facebook account. This is dangerous as this could give the culprits behind this hoax access to your Facebook account. Remember the fake Dunkin’ Donuts promo back in 2017? It has the same technique to harvest social media account credentials.

We have forwarded the malicious 7-Eleven domain to some known security vendors to have it blocked.

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  1. Thanks for this article.
    I have also noticed the link they have, so I have searched for it before I shared it, and I saw your site who has given me answer if its fake or not.

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