Airline passengers can now use mobile devices inflight


The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) announced Friday, December 27, 2013, that starting 2014, airline passengers may now use their smartphones and other gadgets inflight. CAAP assured public that this move is in line with the global standards.

Under Memorandum Circular 52-13, Series of 2013, CAAP allows passengers on board to use mobile devices such as smartphones and laptops to go online and send SMS provided that they follow certain conditions.

Director General William K. Hotchkiss III said in an e-mail that the public can use their gadgets when the aircraft doors are still open unless told otherwise. They may then switch their devices to silent mode once the doors are closed. Use of mobile devices are limited to text messaging and browsing the Internet. Making phone calls are still prohibited.

All mobile devices must still be turned off when the aircraft is refueling as a standard protocol.

It is also advisable that passengers use earphones when playing games or listening to music using their electronic devices.

This change in policy is also in accordance to the October 31 move of US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

This new policy will take effect 15 days after being published in a newspaper of general circulation.

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