Barangay in Cavite bans DotA

dota_banned_in_caviteDefense of the Ancients (DotA) has been reportedly banned in Barangay Salawag in the province of Cavite. A copy of the barangay ordinance is now circulating online.

Kapasiyahan Blg. 008-8-2015, the ordinance written in Filipino that bans DotA in Barangay Salawag, was formulated after a meeting held last January 5th to primarily stop their constituents from playing DotA due to the game being a bad influence to the youth and a new channel for gambling.


According to the copy shared by, any shop within their jurisdiction should follow the ordinance or face sanctions such as suspension or removal of business permits.

Players of the widely popular multiplayer role-playing game (RPG), mostly students and young adults, are disappointed with the ban though some are confident that players could eventually find a way to enjoy the game even with the ban in placed.

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