BlackBerry Z10 is RIM’s first new smartphone in 2013

We all know that Research in Motion (RIM), the name behind BlackBerry, is trying its best to keep up with its competitors in the smartphone industry. The company has been very busy in heavily promoting the launch of its newest platform, BlackBerry 10, in January 30 in New York and Toronto. But unnamed sources released a copy of a would-be marketing material of the company’s first smartphone to be offered in 2013 – the BlackBerry Z10.

Looks like RIM is scrapping the previously known “L-series” name for its phones as their first offer in 2013 is in “Z” format. Also, BlackBerry is trying to get out of the heavily numbered nomenclature to the more popular alphanumeric branding.

BlackBerry’s “Z-series” is the brand’s answer to its competitors’s touch screen smartphones.

Aside from BlackBerry Z10, a rumored second phone is to feature a full QWERTY keyboard similar to the old BlackBerry units and may be named BlackBerry X10.

As of this writing, RIM has not yet released any official statement regarding these rumors.

The launch of BlackBerry 10 Operating System (OS) is said to be RIM’s comeback and will mark the possible healthy competition that the company may take into against Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS.

Will this make any better to BlackBerry’s current market share? 

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