It’s been more than a year now since I applied for a credit card from BPI via the Express Start program.

BPI Credit Card Express Start is the easiest way to apply for a credit card at the same time to save money. The program requires you to open a savings account or a time deposit amounting to P10,000 or more.

I like the convenience of saving while spending with this program. Not only that it teaches you how to save money but it also trains you how to budget.

If you want to avail this program, prepare the documents needed to open an account or time deposit. Just present any of your valid IDs and the amount to be deposited to your nearest BPI branch.

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119 thoughts on “BPI Express Start: The Easiest Way to Apply for a Credit Card”
  1. hello good day, ask ko lang kung makakaavail pa ba akp ng secured cc sa bpi. kahit may cancelled cc ako sa bpi. bale yong na cancelled ko na cc sa kanila secured ko rin nakuha. tks sa response.

  2. Very informative post!!! Kudos to those guys who took their time to answer the queries. Mas nalinawan pa ako kesa sa nong nag inquire ako sa branch. They will freeze your deposit pala so pera mo pa din ang ginagamit mo pambayad but the good thing is you can avail installment for the stuff you like, and you can still save.

  3. Hi. Question lang po. I have bpi secured credit card.. 9k CL. I already used na yung 8k.. For now I cant pay that amount. So im planning na yung nakahold na savings ko na lang ang ipambabayad ko then ipacut ko na yung CC? Pwede po kaya yun? Nagresign na kasi ako sa work.

  4. Guys,

    Ang purpose ng secured credit card ay para ma establish ninyo ang credit history sa bpi bago nila kayo bigyan ng regular credit line… in simple terms… wala pang tiwala ang bangko sa inyo.
    Kaya once na maka kuha kayo ng secured credit card, alagaan ninyo ang credit line ninyo. Don’t use more than 40% of your total credit limit. wag magpa late sa bayad not even once!!! always pay in full if not in full, more than the minimum para di ma lubog sa utang.
    mahirap makuha ulit tiwala sa mga bangko once na mag default ka. Maski kanino sa kanila kasi ipapa blacklist pangalan mo at maski ma bayaran mo na in full utang mo nasa listahan ka parin na nagka atraso sa kanila.

    Remember credit is a PRIVILEGE kaya alagaan natin.

  5. hi i just want to ask yung mga may bpi secured cc na;
    if you also get the installment limit. it is usually double your regular credit limit but can be used for installment purposes only.


  6. hi

    you mentioned na 1 year ka ng may secured cc and Im guessing you have been a good payee. did BPI offer you a regular cc or something since napatunayan mo na sarili mo sknila na di mo sila tatakbuhan? Thank you

  7. I applied for a bpi secured credit card , I have an atm account with them pero pina open ulit ako ng SA, then sabi nila 2-3 weeks daw, but until now wla pa din ung card ko. can we convert it to regular card after 6 mos? kasi sabi ng employee du’n depende dw.

    1. re: opening of a new account
      they require to open a new account for the following reasons
      a. if your acccount is non-active
      b. if your account is non-savings
      c. if your account is an exclusive paycheck account

      have you received an email/sms regarding the status of your application? once they sent you a qualified status, they would ship your card within 10 working days.

      as for having a regular card after 6 months, it all depends on how you pay your bills and purchases. the 6 months given to you, is for them to study your purchase and payment patterns. having a regular card is subjective and dependent on your credit behavior.

      note, they do not just give at most 80% of your collateral, i got 90% even if my bpi savings account is not very active. some say, they also study your non-bpi bank patterns, and postpaid services.

    1. they don’t. that’s the purpose of your time deposit. it will serve as your collateral for the card.

  8. hello just want to ask.. ung 10k ba eh naka time deposit.. kase may account na ko and may 10k naman… naka hold ba ung 10k na cash as collateral? for how long? or pwd pa mag below 10k

    1. you have to go to your bank, set that 10k as time deposit. note that savings account and time deposit account are different. they will hold your time-deposited money for (at least) 6 months, or longer depending on how long you plan to use your secured credit card. 10k is always the minimum holding amount. you will then get UP TO 80% as your credit limit.

      1. Tanong ko lng po pano ko po makuha ulit ung 10000 na savings ko sabi kasi nila after 1 year pwd na dw makuha ang 1 year na po ako gusto ko na po kunin ung 10000 ko, pano po ba?

  9. Hi,

    I just received a letter from BPI. I would expect It would be asking me to deposit 10k but this letter is stating I need to submit the ff requirements. Letter stated:
    I just didn’t get the first line. Can somebody explain it to me? Thanks.

  10. Hi, nka recvd kc ko ng letter. Eligible dw aq s npi express strt. Tas magdeposit dw ng 10k to avail master card… Makukuha ko b ung credit card n inapply ko kht hindi ako mag deposit ng 10k?

    1. No. You have to deposit at least 10K as hold out amout then BPI will be issuing you a MC from Express Start Program.

    2. Its a collateral-base credit card. Dapat may pang cash collateral minimum of 10k. What you have deposited mao pud na imong credit limit maybe 70-80% lang diay sa imong cash collateral ang credit limit kasi may anticipated transaction charges pa yan that’s why.

      1. @Ron Arvin
        Hi! Ask ko lang sana if the Express Start would work like the regular credit card? Like 0% interest, Promos payable for 1-2 years etc… Thanks!

        1. No restriction at all. You may avail 0% installmant plan provided your credit limit can cover the whole installment amount.

  11. HI


    1. Pwede un magpay sa bayad center, pag nakuha mo na ung express credit card mo may mga stablishments na nakalagay dun kun san ka pwede magbayad.

  12. Hi! Are you allowed to have supplementary cards if you have express start? how about a non-relative supplemntary?


    1. Quick Question. I applied 2 weeks ago and received the Thank You letter few days ago. Gaano katagal bgo mo nkuha yung CC kc nkahold na funds ko pero wala pang update

      1. Ako din 1 month na wala pa din yung CC ko pero yung CC account reflected na sa online account ko, nag-try ako tumawag sa hotline (89-100) nila lagi wala nasagot

  13. Good day! Actually I just received a letter upon applying for BPI Express Cc pero ang lamn nung letter is about express start saying that i need to deposit 10,000 may time frame ba kung hanggang kelan pwede magdeposit of the said amount? Then after making the deposit anu na mangyayari?

    1. Hi Mark,

      Walang time frame yung deposit mo. Hangga’t nasa’yo ‘yung credit card na ibibigay nila sayo, mananatiling naka-hold ‘yung deposit account mo sa kanila.

      After making the deposit, they’ll process your credit card application and you’ll get your card via delivery.

      1. Mr. Allego, may nabasa din akong sa mga comments. Correct me if I’m wrong, Na ung 10k na un is minimum amount na idedeposit mo then based dun 80% of that 10k ang magiging credit card limit mo?

          1. edi ang pangit nun.. pinadaan mo pa sa kanila ung 10k mo.. nagka CC ka nga.. eh 8k lang naman pede mo mabili… kaya ka nga nag credit card para makaavail ng goods in installment basis.. pano kung worth 20k ung kelangan mong bilhin.. need mo pa mag cash ng 12k tapos cc ung 8k.. 😉

      2. Hi I would like to ask what are the major requirements?
        How long does it take to get your credit card or how long does it take to deliver
        First time po ako kasi…


    2. Time frame? Well, policy of BPI is to hold the deposit at least a year then after that you may request for lifting or release of hold out amount. You have the option to retain the card or to cancel. You will get approve depending on your account handling. Then it will be converted to a regular credit card.

  14. Hello po.

    I received a letter from BPI saying I need to have Express Starter. How long po kaya bago ako maka kuha ng regular CC?

    And other thing is, yung savings account ko po kasi my monthly na narereceive from acct abroad. If I am going to allow BPI na ihold yung account ko na yun, I wouldn’t be able to withdraw any cash po diba? My terms po kaya sila for that? Kasi hassle na mag open ng new savings sa BPI na for Express CC lang eh. If you have any idea po please email it to me.

    Thank you so much.

    1. You need the following:
      • At least 1 government issued IDs–SSS, PhilHealth, TIN, Driver’s License, IBP, PRC, passport, postal AND/OR 2 IDs with picture and signature–company, school
      • Two 1×1 picture
      • Proof of billing–electric, water, other credit cards
      • Your initial deposit

      Usually the credit limit they give is 80% of your deposit on hold. Like in my case I have 8,000 credit limit for my 10,000.00 time deposit on hold. You can add more funds to increase your limit after that.

      1. Do they supplement the card even if interest lang muna nung napurchase mo ang kaya mung bayaran, or hindi mo magagamit ulit ang credit card without paying what you purchased the last time.. magiging 80% parin ba ang credit limit mo the next cut off even if you just pay the interest muna, kase kung hindi ganyan, parang debit card lang ang inavail mo na may 2k na cut ang BPI. eh di mag saving account kana lang na hindi ka pa makukuhaan ng 2k being 80% as the maximum credit limit kahit na 10k ang cash deposit mo

  15. mtgal rin ang process ng bpi express start mg almost 2 months n d ko p nreceive ung card pro sa account ko nkaregister n ung cc..un nga lng ang tagal ng delivery :C

  16. Hi,

    If I avail of this program, do I get a card na parang CC or ung card lang na inapply ko? Aside from the requirements they need (min deposit of 10k, valid IDs and application form), do I still need to bring the letter they sent me?

    Thanks! 🙂

      1. In my case, I opened an account last June 21, 2013 and I received the credit card after a month. Now, my card is 10 months old already and I just requested a Release of hold-out amount since the policy is 6 mos to 1 year depending on account handling and it will convert to a regular credit card (unsecured card).

        1. Ang alam ko kasi e as long as nasayo yung card, naka hold yung savinngs account mo. Kung gusto mo ipa-convert to a regular credit card na walang naka hold na account, you will have to apply a separate account.

          1. It can be converted to a regular credit card depending on account handling and after requesting a release of hold out amount. You may request an increase in credit limit by submitting a proof of income.

          2. It’s been a year since I applied a credit card through Express Start Program. July 18, 2013 is the exact date. I made a request for lifting of credit card/release of hold out amount and card retention on July 26, 2014 and I was happy because it was granted on August 8, 2014. My credit card from Express Start was converted already to a regular credit card/unsecured card.

    1. Hi,

      Ask ko lang po.. first time CC holder ako, at secured CC pa.. I only have the cc limit of 8k.., which is the 80% of my deposit..

      I’m planning to buy a gadget of more than 20k and I have seen in malls they have installment plans via CC.

      Am I qualified to avail the installment plan with my CC limit of 8k if pasok nman sa monthly fee sa installment ung cc limit ko?

  17. hi.. nag-apply din ako ng bpi express cc nong june 28, pero hanggang ngayon d ko pa natanggap cc ko..almost 1 month na. 🙁

  18. @carll nathaniel,

    Did you specifically ask for a BPI Express Start credit card application? I believe this one is different with the regular credit card application as this will put your existing savings account with BPI on hold.

  19. 150,00 ang open account ko sa bpi. pero gang ngayon di pa din nila ko mabigyan ng credit card, nung nag apply ako last may ni wala ngang inform tapos un pala disapprove pa. bat ganun!!!

  20. Hi nielsen ocampo,

    I believe the monthly installment depends on the credit limit on your card. In your case, you only have 7K for a credit limit so the 2K installment payable in 24 months is not possible. Unless you have a higher credit limit, that’s the time that you can use your Express Start for installment purchases.

  21. Hi ask ko lang ito kasi nag avail ako ng Express start CC.
    P10,000 muna deposit ko.
    pwede ko bang magamit ang espress credit card para mag avail ng product for installment basis kung example P2000 ang monthly installment to be paid for 24 months.
    pwede ba yun kahit P7000 lang ang credit limit? Thanks

    1. No! If you are availing 48,000.00 worth of item that can be deferred into 24 months (2,000.00 monthly) you will also need a 48,000.00 credit limit.
      Upon swiping the card, 48,000.00 will be deducted from your available limit. On the other hand, as you pay the 2,000.00 installment your credit limit will also adjust.

  22. Hi would like to ask about increasing my credit limit on my BPI express start. Can i deposit to my time deposit account at any BPI branch and ask them to increase my credit limit? or do i have to go to the branch where my account was created? i don’t live na kasi to the place where i first made my account. thanks!

  23. @Aldous,

    Yo! Musta na? Anyway, if you received a letter from BPI Express Start Program then you are required to get a separate deposit account from BPI as they will be locking it as long as you are using your credit card. That will be the condition for BPI Express Start.

  24. Hi Fjords!! Aldous to remember? TIP manila?

    I have QA, me and my dad have this “and/or” account and a really high time deposit. I tried to apply for a CC blue one, and i thought that i could be exempted from BPI Express Start Program. Is that possible? Cause I think the letter requires me to. But im not really intrested with the program. dont you BPI uses this program to lock up a safety measure right?

  25. Hi @HazelAnnG,

    Thanks for sharing your experience as well. I actually asked BPI if they could make my Express Start a regular credit card and I was told that I need to fill out the same cc application form and they’ll use my payment history in approving the application. If approved, they could waive the hold on my deposit acct.

      1. No need to fill out another application form. All you have to do is to write a letter of request for lifting of credit card account/release of hold out amount/card retention thru your branch of account.

  26. I already let go of my BPI Express Start Blue Mastercard a few days ago. 26thou ang dineposit ko as Time Deposit para magkaroon ng 20thou na limit. I always pay on time for the past 2 years right after the cut off pa nga. Pero dahil sa nature ng work ko, hindi nila ginawang regular CC yung card ko. So ang ending, kailangan ko na ng pera at may isa pa kong secured CC, I just let go of it. Mabilis lang yung process pero yung money iccredit pa nila a month after, so I heard. Sa 2 years ng account ko, 700 pesos lang kinita as interest.

    1. Ang tagal na-hold ang TD mo. Sa akin actually one-month lang. Pwede naman makuha agad yung TD mo ahit hindi pa matured pero babayaran mo lang ang tax na very minimal na ni hindi mo mararamdaman, like less than 10 pesos.

  27. Hi Marlon,

    The one I got is a BPI Blue MasterCard but I believe that depends on the bank’s review on your history and the deposited amount. Be it a MC or Visa, may requirements din kasi silang mini-meet.

    And for your second question, if it will be accepted internationally as a CC, it’s a yes. Technically, the card that they’ll be providing to you is an actual credit card so it really works the same as their other credit card variants.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  28. way too much inquiry on how it works… failed to say what it is…
    is it a MASTERCARD OR VISA? and is it accepted internationally as a CC. to purchase international flights? to online booking of hotels for abroad? etc… pls reply asap Thanks

  29. @Anonymous,

    I believe ang mangyayari e mag-aapply ka ulit ng bagong credit card line sa BPI and gagamitin nila as reference yung history mo sa first credit card mo with them (yung may nakahold na BPI account). Upon approval ng new credit card line, pwede mo nang isurrender yung old credit card mo at ibibigay na nila sayo yung naka-hold na BPI account.

    1. Hindi na kailangan i-surrender ang CC mo na nakuha via express start program. You will continue to use the same card, unless you want a new card para hindi mo na kailangan magbayad ng fee for replacement ng card.

  30. after a year of your contract, with the secured cc, pwede bang maging unsecured kung ok nmn ang credit statemant mo?

    1. Yes, pwede namang maging unsecured card after a year provided that you have a good account handling from Express Start Program.

      1. Can you please send me a sample email to release my TD and convert my card to a regular credit card? Did they grant your request the first time or nakapagtry ka din pero di napprove? And if it was not approved, how many months to wait till I can request again?


  31. I think maganda din naman yan.. kung hindi mo nga naman gagalawin yung pera mo atleast tumutubo.. ^^
    and yan din yung pinaka easy way para makakuha ng creddit card sa ibang bank.. ^^
    for example. may savings ka sa BDO.. ^^
    possible din na mag ka credit card ka from other bank kung good payer ka sa BPI.. ^^

  32. Obviously, the first is a credit card and the other is a debit card. Though you can use both in purchasing something abroad, you’ll get to enjoy the perks of having a credit card – like installment and stuff.

  33. so what’s the difference between the express start cc compared to your atm card that you can use real time also? nde ba and bpi atm is internationaly accepted na rin as debit card?

    1. The only difference is if you are using a credit card from Express Start you are using the money of the bank. Whereas if debit card you are using your own money.

  34. kailangan ba may letter galing bpi para mkapag open ng express cc? or khit sino pwede mag apthankspl y?

  35. hi, so this means on top of your 10k deposited amount, u can use the 80% as a credit? then if u weanted to withdraw the 10k, kelangan bayad na ung utang? tama ba?

  36. meaning, on top of your 10K deposit, u can use 8k as credit? then pag bayad mo na ang utang, u can withdraw the 10k na if u want?

  37. Ang ganda!! Parang Passbook lang na may ATM tulad saken. Ang difference lang is di mo pwede i.withdraw ang 20%. Tama ba?? Ai di pala different! Kasi sa ATM di mo rin ma.wiwithdraw ang money kung di aabot ng Php 100.. Dito, di mo rin mawiwithdraw ang money kung di mo mabuo ulit ang Php 10,000.. Tama!!!

  38. Hi, I received the same thing from BPI regarding my credit card application yesterday. It does sound reasonable, however I was wondering if how long is it valid for the express start application? Can it wait for a month upon receiving the invitation or should I apply for it asap?

  39. Yes. Iho-hold yung passbook para di ka makapag-withdraw. That’s why it’s a good way to save na rin kasi time to time, you can add some amount rin and it also has interest. The more you save, the more na nadadagdagan yung credit limit mo.

  40. meaning ung mismong passbook ihohold nila? di na nila papa hawak sayo para di ka nga makapag withdraw tama ba? thanks..

  41. ung deposit mo i-hhold ng branch prang colateral at hnd mo mgagalaw habang ginagamit mo p ung card.. 80% lng ng dineposit mo ang mkkuha mong credit limit.. minimum n deposit pra ma avail mo ung card is 10k.. then 8k ung mgging credit limit mo.. kung mas malaki ang deposit mo edi mlki rin credit limit mo bsta maximum n ung 80% out of ur deposi… kpg hnd kn nkkbayad at ung bill mo eh umabot n sa amount ng dineposit mo.. i-ccut na nila ung credit card then yung dineposit mo ang kukunin nilang pambayad… so safe sila… ksi nga nmn.. nkahold s knila ung dineposit mo at hnd mo pwdng glawin..

    kung gusto mo ng kunin ung dineposit mo… kelangan bayad lhat ng utang mo sa credit card then 1-2 wiks nila bago i-release ung deposit mo then i-ccut nrin nila ung credit card mo…

    ang requirements lng e pra sa pg open ng savings pra dun sa deposit mo and fill-up mo lng ung express start n form then after 1-2 wiks ippadala n by mail ung card mo…

  42. Hi, gano katagal ung processing? kc i wanted to have the card n in about 10 days.. dahil din sa offer nilang BPI madness sa isang mall..

  43. @franz0913:

    It has the same features of a regular BPI credit card. Your credit limit will be based on the amount deposited. You may want to have it increased by depositing more on your time deposit or savings account.

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