Printer consumables—especially ink cartridges—can be a major pain point for many modern offices. In the Philippines, consumers often opt for low-cost alternative of having original ink cartridges refilled with cheaper and inferior ink formulas that can clog print heads and fail to deliver good printouts.

Brother International Philippines Corp., a leader in home and business IT peripherals, introduced a line of Multi-Function Centres (MFCs) that maximize productivity and savings through a smartly designed Refill Tank System. Built right into the machine itself (unlike other refilling devices sold by third-party manufacturers), the easy-to-use Refill Tank System allows users to maximize productivity and savings without risking poor print output and machine damage.

Brother Printer

Three-step refill process

Topping up ink levels with the Refill Tank System is easy—users just have to follow three simple steps: open the cover, refill the ink tanks, and close the cover. The refilling process is so easy that users can do it on their own!

Brother also introduced several smart innovations to the system’s design, including a translucent cover that allows users to monitor ink usage at a glance, as well as a tank that can be refilled just by tilting the bottle at a 45-degree angle. At this angle, refilling is quick and mess-free; users will never spill and waste a single drop of ink. The ink goes straight into the tanks, and not on fingers, furniture, clothes, and important documents.

Powered by Genuine Brother ink technology

The Refill Tank System uses genuine Brother ink technology, which means that users never have to worry about damaging the printer heads or churning out low-quality printouts. Genuine Brother ink is specially formulated to deliver vibrant colors and efficient delivery of ink on paper surface.

High-volume print users are also assured of a fast ink calibration time with genuine ink. With the Refill Tank System, the proper alignment of print nozzles and heads takes place within seven minutes to guarantee uniform-looking printouts.

Brother Ink Refill System

“The Brother Refill Tank System has set itself apart with its smart design and use of innovative Brother ink technology,” said Glenn Hocson, Brother Philippines President. “Built into our high-performing, productivity-boosting MFCs, this system goes one step further by delivering an impressive 6,000-page yield for black ink. It’s an effortless combination of increased productivity and maximum cost-efficiency!”

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